Women Defeated At Mixed Wrestling Fantasies

Mixed Wrestling Fantasies has put out some excellent clips featuring some of the sexiest and most talent girls on the scene squaring off against a larger male opponent. And given that this is Women Defeated, you might be able to guess that it doesn’t end to well for these talented but unfortunate beauties.

So for this post I thought I would make you aware of some of the notable videos to be made available over the last few months. Due mostly to my failure to mention any of them sooner.


Jaquelyn Velvets, of Sleeperkid’s World fame, makes a rare appearance in wrestling action outside of Sleeperkid’s World. And better yet it is as a jobber in a mixed wrestling match. Which to my knowledge she has seldom done, even at Sleeperkid’s World.
She takes on the bigger and stronger Masked Man (that’s his name) And while Jacquelyn may be a talented and tough competitor, things don’t go to well for her here. Where The Makes Man takes out his frustration to losing an earlier out on poor Jacquelyn.
It isn’t often you get to see Jacquelyn playing this type of role in a wrestling video, so this is a treat indeed.


This video sees veteran wrestler Jezabel Romo taking on Big Blue, also a masked wrestler.
Jezabel may be tough and experienced. But Big Blue shows that there is no substitute for cunning. He ambushes the poor Jezable and quickly gets the upper hand. He then proceeds to pummel and dominate poor Jezablem. Laying waste to the proud and experienced pro wrestler.


The Masked Man takes on a tag-team in a 2 on 1 match this time.
Things at first don’t look good for him as the tag team in question consist of Kristie Etzold and Sandy White. Neither should be unfamiliar names to long term fans of this genre and The Masked Man looks to be in trouble against this pair of tough and larger women wrestlers.
However, like many veterans their ego turns out to be the undoing, and when both wrestlers after seemingly having won the match start arguing over who gets to pin them things turn bad. The Masked Man takes out both women and ends up triumphant yet again.
Sasha Fae goes up against The Red Menace in this match.
The Red Menace is the one who lets his ego get the best of him this time. He allows Sasha Fae the first show, and like many women’s wrestlers she goes straight for the groin. She then goes to town and seems to have the match won.
Unfortunately dirty tactic or not The Red Menace is still too strong and manages to get out of Sasha’s pin attempt. The fun is then over for poor Sasha as The Red Menace turns the tide and takes down the lovely women’s wrestler.
Not many of you are probably as familiar with Sasha, but all of you should be!


Tiny and super cute, Kyoko is a favorite of mine. Unfortunately for her being little can be a disadvantage when you are a wrestler. It can be an even bigger disadvantage when you are taking on a man over twice your size.
Her masked opponent thinks the same thing laughing as he sees who his opponent is. Kyoko proves that she is no pushover at first, taking an early advantage. But her opponent is just too big and eventually he simply proves too strong.
Unfortunately for Kyoko he also proves to enjoy dominating and humiliating the poor girl in the ring and puts Kyoko through the wringer. Two Piledrivers finally put the Asian cutie out of her misery as she is knocked unconscious before being carried out of the ring by her opponent.


Part one of a two part match. Sexy Erika eventually comes out on top on this one. But Mixed Wrestling Fantasies helpfully split this match into two parts. And part one is all Erika on the recieving end, those who want to see her eventual comeback can order part two. Those who prefer Erika losing need only but part one.
This isn’t the first time someone has split a match in this way (Competitive Enterprises in particular has been known to release some of their videos where the man starts out in control in similar ways) but it is something I wish more producers would try.
In part one Erika proves to be no match for The Red Menace and is thoroughly put in multiple punishing holds and thrown all over the ring.
And to add extra humiliation The Red Menace gets frisky whenever he gets the chance, taking liberties to fondle her sexy body whenever he can. Before finally going for the pin to end the match. Will Erika make the comeback? Will she escape the pin and turn the match around?
Yes! But it doesn’t make part one any less fun for those who enjoy seeing the man in control in a mixed match.


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    I have JAQUELYN’S DEFEAT and WRESTLING SASHA FAE, and WRESTLING JEZABEL is actually a custom that I ordered. I highly recommend all three! :)

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