Superheroine Peril From Sleeperkid’s World

I usually don’t cover superheroine peril videos, but every once in a while I like to make an exception. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Not long ago Sleeperkid’s World released a video titles “Super-Kerie vs The Machine.”

It features Kerie, in superheroine garb, reminiscent of a certain familiar superheroine, taking on The Machine. The super villain alter ego of Sleeperkid himself.

The video features Keri at the mercy of a pair of super villains, one voiced (but not seen) by Jacquelyn Velvets and The Machine. With the help of a green rock which weakens Super-Kerie. Who is then mercilessly beaten by The Machine, all at the enjoyment of Jacquelyn.

While Superheroine peril may not be all the readers of Women Defeated’s thing. I think this should be of interest to some of you.

Women Defeated - Super Keri



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Mixed Superheroine Fighting At Super Heroine World

Super Heroine World’s latest video “Patient #26) is a doozy and has plenty of male defeating female action.

Super cutie Emily Addison plays a super heroine out to find her fellow Heroine The Black Falcon (played by the incomparable Paris Kennedy).

She finds a band of villains (played by Rifferus, Tay Puma, Ryan Driller, and porn star Wolf Hudson) and a brainwashed Black Falcon. Before it is all over, Emily’s character and ends up on the receiving end of punishment from all 5 of them. Before Black Falcon endures some torture of her own.

Like all of their videos it has a lot of sexual content, and obviously nudity. However, their videos are soft core, meaning that as far as the sex acts themselves, they aren’t anything you wouldn’t see on late night premium cable.

Below are some sample pics from “Patient 26″. You can click the link below to purchase the clip as well as view a super hot sample trailer.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9



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2 Heroines 1 Villain

For today’s update I give you a look at another video from Alex Bettinger and Paris Kennedy, the awesome people who gave up Girl’s Can’t Fight.

This is a superheroine video from Hawk Heroines, and not their most recent one to feature superheroines being outfought by villains. But it is one of my favorites.

It features Paris Kennedy and Addie Juniper as superheroines Sonic Hawk and Laser Hawk. There are a lot of Hawks in this super heroine universe.

They infiltrate the hideout of super villain Speed Deomon, played by Rifferus. The girls try to take him out but fine out real quickly that their powers don’t work in the dungeon they are in. Sucks to be them.

They try to do the heroic thing and take him out with just their combat skills, but unfortunately for they they… well… fight like girls. And they pay for it.

Speed Demon manages to take out the two sexy heroines, then well… have his way with their hot super bodies. Although in soft core action the fantasy is still hot. And there is something to be said for leaving more to the imagination.

 (Click Thumbnails For Larger Image)
Hell 206 Hell 207 Hell 211
Hell 212 Hell 214 Hell 225
Hell 226 Hell 239 Hell 244



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