Racquel Colon (AKA Meghan Jones) Dominated By Kyle Shillinger

Here is a quick look at an oldie but a goodie from Ring Divas. Starring Racquel Colon (also known outside of Ring Divas as Meghan Jones) and Kyle Shillinger.

Fans or Ring Divas likely remember Raquel. This curvy beauty made quite the impression with her too small bikini’s and her ability to sell a beating while looking amazingly sexy doing so.

This match features Racquel taking on Kyle. As president of talent and media relations, Kyle booked this match himself on the behast of the champion Sensational Sam Sexton.

Kyle’s job was to beat down and destroy Racquel and he did it with ease and precision. Completely dominating poor Racquel and leaving her beaten and broken on the mat.

Unlike Ring Divas custom videos this match is a much more affordable $9.99. It is listed at running 10 minutes, but as people who have bought Ring Diva’s videos well know, their lengthy into is included in that time.

The match also was part of one of their PPV’s and as such has commentary. Not necessarily a bad thing, and something different from most wrestling videos from these types of companies. But anyone who finds that distracting from listening to Raquel’s moans of pain and defeat will not find it a plus.

Still for fans of Raquel this might be worth checking out. As well as a more affordable way to sample Ring Diva’s particular brand of wrestling videos.

Raquel Colon



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