Frankie Zappitelli Defeated In POV Boxing

Women Defeated - Frankie ZappitelliFrankie Zappitelli is a favorite here at Women Defeated, as well as making the list of our Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Female Jobbers.

She doesn’t seem to work as much as she used to, but when she does she always makes the most of it. Such as with Hit The Mat’s newest POV boxing video “Frankie Z POV Boxing Pounding”.

In it Frankie is seeking a strong male opponent to give her a challenge and turns to “You”. She finds one in You, possibly more than she bargained for as she is dominated and boxed all over the ring.

Guess she found her challenge.



Also released fairly recently from Hit The Mat are a few other videos our readers might find of interest to them. (the links below include sample clips).

Duncan vs Helena Heavenly PRO BRAWL – Starring Hellena Heavenly and Duncan in pro-wrestling action. Hellena does come out on top but takes a heck of a beating before she does, including some brutal belly punching.

Jesse vs Darrius Part 1 – Beautiful Jesse things after defeating Duncan she can take down Darrius… she is wrong.

Jesse vs Darrius Part 2 – Jesse and Darrius go at it again, Jesse puts up more of a fight this time, but still falls in the end.

Raquel vs Darrius – Hit The Mat recently downloaded this mixed boxing oldie but goodie in their maledom clips store.


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Pics Of Frankie Zappitelli vs Duncan From STJ

As a lot of long time followers of my blog probably know I am a huge fan of Frankie Zappitelli. Easily one of my favorite wrestlers, she didn’t get ranked number 4 on this blogs list of “Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Female Jobbers” for nothing.

In fact, some may remember that once upon a time I even briefly did a fan blog for Frankie before Blogger stopped becoming a valid option for me personally to blog on.

So in that spirit I thought I would do something different for this post, and share a few pics I came recently from STJ of Frankie taking on Duncan.

Women Defeated - Frankie Zappitelli Women Defeated - Frankie Zappitelli Women Defeated - Frankie Zappitelli Women Defeated - Frankie Zappitelli Women Defeated - Frankie Zappitelli  Women Defeated - Frankie Zappitelli



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CLICK HERE for more post featuring Duncan.



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Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Women Jobbers – #4 Frankie Zappitelli

We are back with #4 of the “Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Women Jobbers”. And at #4 on the list is a women who likely needs no introduction to people who follow this corner of women’s wrestling, Frankie Zappitelli.

A personal favorite of mine, Francesca “Frankie” Zappitelli, who also has wrestled as Frankie Z, is a women’s wrestler known both for wrestling in the indy circuit as well as probably more known for her wrestling videos. She has done videos for companies such as Double Trouble, Hit The Mat, Leather and Lace and Sleeperkid’s World among others.

In addition to her talent as a wrestler Frankie is also an acress, model and blue belt in Brazilian JuJitsu.

Frankie stated in previous interviews that when she first started wrestling, the one thing she hated to do was lose. However after time she came to appreciate what you can learn and the skills that you can hone jobbing. They are skills she’s put to good use.

Ironically, the girl who used to never like to lose has probably become best known to most of her fans for her losing. More specifically, for losing while looking damn sexy doing it.

Frankie knows how to sell a beating and known how to give fans of jobbers “what they want”. And over the years she has honed it well, putting her ego aside and jobbing more often than not, often times to opponents much smaller or less experienced than herself. In doing so Frankie shows that being a professional will always win out over letting your ego control your actions.

Frankie hasn’t lost to guys as often as girls, which is why she only ranks #4 on this list. But when she does “do the job” to the men, she looks just as great as she does losing to women. There’s just something about seeing a powerful women on the receiving end at times.

Frankie has mostly retired from wrestling. So no telling how many more mixed matches are in her future, if any. But as a token of thanks to an amazing wrestler Frankie Zappitelli earns the #4 spot on the list.


Matches featuring Frankie Zappitelli defeated…

Mixed Wrestling Challenge 03 from I Love Frankie Frankie vs A Male
East Meets West 3 from Sleeperkid’s World Frankie vs Sleeper Kid
Unstoppable from BOTS Frankie vs Steele
HTMC2 Frankie vs Darrius from Hit The Mat Frankie vs Darrius
HTMV01 Frankie vs Darrius from Hit The Mat Frankie vs Darrius (Boxing)
HTMV49 Frankie vs Darrius Rematch from Hit The Mat Frankie vs Darrius (Boxing)
Mixed Wrestling Frankie vs Duncan HTM6B (Round 2 Only) from Hit The MatFrankie vs Duncan

Post on this blog about Frankie Zappitelli…

Frankie vs Darrius – The Feud Continues
A Video Clip Of Various Women Defeated
A Confident Frankie Taken Down
Frankie Zappitelli Defeated At Sleeperkid’s World



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Frankie Zappitelli Defeated At Sleeperkid’s World

Sleeperkid’s World recently released a video in their PPV Store featuring one of my favorites, and someone we don’t see too often anymore, FRANKIE ZAPPITELLI! I caps it because I am excited.

The video is East Meets West 3. It features Sleeperkid and Devon going to LA to meet up with two local wrestlers there. The first match features Devon taking on former SKW girl Helena. But the second match in the video will be of the most interest to fans of this blog.

Frankie takes on the one and only Sleeperkid. Clearly intimidated by the kid Frankie sneak attacks Sleeperkid. But any advantage of it is short lives and Sleeperkid squashes Frankie. Frankie in return does what she does oh so well, and takes a beating and eventual defeat.



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A Confident Frankie Taken Down

If there is one thing better then seeing a beautiful woman going down, it’s seeing a cocky beautiful woman going down. And if there is anything better than seeing that cocky woman go down, it’s when the woman is the insanely sexy Frankie Zappitelli.

Although Frankie never seems to find a shortage of women who can effortlessly kick her ass, she seldom loses in matches against guys. But when she does it’s a thing of beauty.

So in that spirit, here are some sample clips, courtesy of BOTS, of Frankie with her ego in control after so many victories, being “put in her place”!




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Frankie VS Darrius – The Feud Continues

Way back in the earliest days of Hit The Mat, Frankie and Darrius had their first mixed wrestling match for the site. As the pics show below while a back and forth Darrius gave Frankie plenty of pain, and Frankie as always looked amazing taking it.

They first squared off in HTMC02 where Frankie did not fare so well.

(Click thumbnails for larger view)



Then in HTMV49 Frankie sought revenge, but met the fate women almost always do against Darrius in the boxing ring.


And recently they had their latest battle in HTM128 available in their CLIPS4SALE STORE.

I do not know how the final battle turned out, it didn’t look good for Duncan in the sample video. But I am sure that with these two it was a great match either way.
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