Miko VS Leonard At Double Trouble

Double Trouble Wrestling has done it again with another maledom mixed wrestling match. And for this video The Puma takes a rest and it is Leonard taking on porn star Miko Sinz. Miko puts up a valiant and heroic effort in this video, but it is all for not as Leonard torments and tortures poor Miko.

From Double Trouble…

Miko is such a beauty, we almost hate to see her go up against a male muscle man, yes while Leonard may not be taller than Miko he is defiantly stronger and out to prove it in this multi fall match. Miko comes out spunky was usual but soon our male is having his way with her as a clothesline stunns her and he body slams her to the mat, then over his shoulders the Asian beauty is thrown and soon he has her in the first of many long pins. Miko’s jet black hair flies with each savage throw and carry, her feminine body is stretched to the limit be it over his back or over his knee, and slammed be it with pile drivers or body slams. Poor Miko, she valiantly tries and even gets in some destructive kicks of her own but never enough to stop muscular Leonard – he just keeps destroying, over and over through all the falls, then adds the insult with long counting pins. Another mix of destruction !!!!!

Women Defeated - Miko Sinz


Some other mixed matches from Double Trouble featuring Miko include…

◊ 7 Up, 7 Down Part 1 and Part 2 – Melissa Jacobs, Cali Logan, Alyssa Reece, Lola Lynn, Celeste Star, Charlie Laine vs Puma and Darrius.
7 girl Mixed Match Part 1 and Part 2 – Emily Addison, Alyssa Reese, Celeste Star, Miko Sinz, Melissa Jacobs, Cali Logan, and Sinn Sage vs Leonard and Darrius.
◊ Leonard vs. Miko, Cali, Samantha & Emily Part 1 and Part 2 – Cali Logan, Emily Addison, Samantha Ryan, Miko Sinz vs Leonard.
◊ Miko, Cali, Karlie, Celeste vs. Peter – Celeste Star, Cali Logan, Karlie Montana and Miko Sinz vs Peter.
◊ Puma 6 Pack 3 – Cali, Miko, Melissa – Cali Logan, Miko Sinz, and Melissa Jacobs vs Puma.


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Double Trouble Summer Sale

Double Trouble is having their annual Summer Sale. And it looks like some good deals are to be had.

The sale works as follows…

  • 20% off all orders over $50 with a special promo code given in the link below.
  • 50% off select matches. There are 37 in total featuring popular girls such as Alyssa Reece, Cali Logan, Capri Cavanni, Tanya Danielle, Christina Carter, Hollywood, Akira Lane and more.

Below are the mixed wrestling videos made available for the sale.

“Puma 6 Pack 3 – Cali, Miko, Melissa” features Cali Logan (one of our pics for the top 10 mixed wrestling women jobbers), Miko Sinz and Melissa Jacobs taking on DT’s infamous bully The Puma.

Women Defeated - Cali Logan, Miko Sinz, Melissa Jacobs


“Puma 6 Pack 4 – Karlie” features The Puma at it again, tormenting the poor girls of Double Trouble. This time against the sexy Karlie Montana.

Women Defeated - Karlie Montana


And finally The Puma takes on the awesome Shauna Ryanne.

Women Defeated - Shauna Ryanne


To find the full details of the sale CLICK HERE!


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Ivy Sherwood Defeated By The Puma

Ivy Sherwood is a tough girl, no doubt about it. Knowing that might not help her win her fight against the ladykiller The Puma in the latest Double Trouble mixed wrestling video, but it just might help her survive it.

Porn Star Ivy might have thought she could handle taking on The Puma. But she clearly didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Puma stretches, punds and destroys the petite Ivy, but can’t seem to break her.

Unfortunately that might not be a good thing for Ivy as it just means The Puma will try harder, and torture her more.

Women Defeated - Ivy Sherwood



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Prinzzess Takes On Puma At Double Trouble

Double Trouble is at it again with another mixed wrestling match starring everyone’s favorite lady killer The Puma. Or if not everyones at least all Double Trouble fans favorite lady killer.

Prinzzess is The Puma’s new manager but it seems the two are having differences. In typical fight video fashion there is only one way to settle this dispute. With a one on one battle! Never mind Prinzzess is in a dress and heels for the fight.

The sexy porn star Prinzzess has the refferee in her pocket and would seem to have the upper hand. And for a while she does, but she eventually crosses the referee and ends up in 2 on 1 action.

And in that scenario, things end up much worse for poor Prinzzess.

Women Defeated - Prinzzess



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A Holiday Sale At Double Trouble

Double Trouble is having their annual Holiday sale through New Years.

It includes 20% off any orders that total over $50. They are also offering 50% off select videos. Among them are the mixed wrestling matches below, but they also have several great fem vs fem matches as well.

Women Defeated - Kymberly Jane

“Puma 6 Pack 6 – Kymberly Jane”


“Puma 6 Pack 2 – Nicole”

Women Defeated - Emily Adison

“Emily VS Scott”


Also among the 50% off videos are titles starring some of the most popular women in the wrestling video scene including Christina Carter, JC Marie, Melissa Jacobs, Randy Moore, Celeste Starr, Capri Cavanni, Kobe Lee, Mina Meow, Frankie Zappitelli, Erika Jordan, Cali Logan and more.




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Raquel’s Last Stand At Double Trouble

I was looking over my hard drive, and came across some sample pics from an older Double Trouble video starring Raquel, that I thought I would share with the readers of Women Defeated.

The video is titled “Raquel’s Last Stand” and features Raquel facing off against DT Wrestling’s ladykiller, The Puma.

Raquel is a retired pro wrestler, and this match may be why. As The Puma destroys Raquel with humiliating ease. Using his power to put her in moves such as scissors, hair pulls, belly blows, claw holds, knee drops, chin locks, camel clutches, armbars, bearhugs, and over the the shoulder backbreakers.

Not a good night for poor Raquel, so maybe it is good she hung up her wrestling boots.

Women Defeated - Raquel Women Defeated - Raquel Women Defeated - Raquel Women Defeated - Raquel



To order this match on DVD including two other mixed matches CLICK HERE!

You can also see Raquel in mixed wrestling action in a 5 on 2 match co-starring with Sinn Sage, Andie, Audrie and Charlie. CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 and CLICK HERE FOR PART 2.

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Danielle Trixie and The Puma Face Off Again

Danielle Trixie and The Puma have faced off many times now at Double Trouble. You can read about some of their other battles covered by Women Defeated by clicking HERE and HERE.

Their “epic rivalry” continues in Double Trouble’s latest mixed wrestling release.

Danielle played the Puma’s manager and is upset that her client hasn’t been winning lately. Considering The Puma’s usual dominant wins I can only assume this is set in some kind of parallel universe.

Danielle’s character has seemingly had enough and decides to take it out on him in the ring. She manages to best the big cat on the first match, but Puma demands two more falls and dominated Danielle the second time. Who wins the final round? It doesn’t say so who am I to spoil it? But either way it should be an epic match from these two great performers.

Women Defeated - Danielle Trixie



For more mixed wrestling matches from Double Trouble CLICK HERE!

For more more matches from Double Trouble featuring Danielle Trixie CLICK HERE!


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Summer Sale From Double Trouble

Double Trouble is currently having a summer sale. The details, taken directly from Double Trouble are as follows.

Special #1 – 20% off all orders over $50.00! Use coupon code summer14 at checkout and save $10.00 or more when your order total is over $50!

Special #2 – 50% off selected HQ Matches! The matches listed below are all specially priced right now – no coupon code needed! Buy any or all and get them at these special prices!

To see the select videos available at 50% off you can CLICK HERE!

For their full catalog you can CLICK HERE!

Of special note to Women Defeated fans, there are three maledom mixed wrestling matches among the list of 50% off HQ videos. Which are listed below. Although as noted in Special #1, you can get 20% off any videos if they total over 50$.


Women Defeated - Ivy Sloan


Women Defeated - Amanda Murphy


Women Defeated - Billie


CLICK HERE for more post about Double Trouble Matches.
CLICK HERE for more post featuring The Puma.
CLICK HERE for more post featuring Ivy Sloan.
CLICK HERE for more post featuring Amanda Murphy.
CLICK HERE for more post featuring Billie.


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Sinn Sage Defeated By Leonard At Double Trouble

Double Trouble has released another maledom mixed wrestling match. This one starring AVN award winner Sinn Sage, taking on Leonard.

Leonard is not much bigger than Sinn herself, but is MUCH stronger than her. Something he teaches her well in this match.

The match starts with Leonard body slamming Sinn not once, not twice, but three times, before following up with a piledriver. And it only goes downhill from there for Sinn.

Sinn is scrappy and briefly mounts a comeback, but it doesn’t last long and Leonard makes her pay for it.

Leonard works over her belly with punches and knees, before resuming with power moves, destroying poor Sinn’s sexy body and leaving her beaten on the mat.




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Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Women Jobbers – #2 Hollywood

We are nearing the end of the  list of the ‘Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Women Jobbers” (according to me).

At #2 on the list is the girl on the list with the longest career and arguably the most famous, Hollywood.

Hollywood first came onto the scene in 1986 as part of the wrestling federation G.L.O.W. (Georgous Ladies of Wrestling). An all women’s federation that launched a highly successful TV series.

Like most GLOW girls, Hollywood (real name Jeanne Basone) answered a casting call for GLOW having had no wrestling experience. Reportedly, the add asking dancers, and the applicants were told after they showed up the job was to train them as wrestlers instead. It changed Hollywood’s life forever.

Jeanne took on the name Hollywood and wrestled for Glow for 4 years, most notably as part of the tag team Hollywood and Vine. She stayed with Glow after the original president David McClain left 2 years into the shows run, with all the roster except for Hollywood and two others jumping ship with him.

After GLOW was cancelled in 1992 Hollywood became one of the few to continue her wrestling career, wrestling for years in the indy circuit. She also appeared in many TV series and movies as an actress and stuntwoman.

Eventually, Hollywood started wrestling in custom vidoes, becoming one of the more popular girls on the scene and wrestling for many companies including Double Trouble, Hit The Mat and Steel Kittens. She eventually went on to produce her own videos starting “Hollywould Wrestling Productions.” which she has done for over a decade.

Hollywould produced many wrestling matches, as well as superheroine peril matches for Hollywould Wrestling Productions, most of which she herself starred in.

But what got her noted on this list is the fact that even in her early days, when mixed wrestling was almost exclusively matches where the guy got squashed, Hollywood would frequently shoot matches where the guy would often give her plenty of fight, sometimes even winning. Her company was in fact one of the first places I ever saw a man come out on top in a match. So it’s possible Women Defeated wouldn’t even be here if not for her.

And what’s better is that Hollywood is not only sexy (in fact, I think she looks even better now then she did back in ’86 when she started wrestling) and a skilled wrestler, but she looks amazing when losing. Both selling a beating and her infamous moaning and whining as her opponents take it to her.

For these reasons Hollywood, a girl who has helped shaped this genre of wrestling over the years, comes in at #2 on the list of Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Women Jobbers.




Matches featuring Hollywood defeated…

HP-359 WWC2008 Mixed Tag Match from Hollywould Productions Hollywood and Christie Ricci vs Duncan and Darrius
HP-323 Jealous Wife Part III from Hollywould Productions – Hollywood vs Franchesca Lee and Duncan
HP-403 To Catch a Theif from Hollywould Productions – Hollywood vs Duncan
HP-437 Hollywood vs Darrius from Hollywould Productions – Hollywood vs Darrius (boxing)
HP-451 Million Dollar Beatdown from Hollywould Productions – Hollywood vs A Male Opponent
HP-462 3 Round KO Darrius vs Hollywood from Hollywould Productions – Hollywood vs Darrius (boxing)
HP-472 Hollywood vs Roy from Hollywould Productions – Hollywood vs Roy (Boxing)
HP-524 Boxing Showdown from Hollywould Productions – Hollywood vs Darrius and Duncan (boxing)
HP-538 Darrius vs Hollywood KO Match from Hollywould Productions – Hollywood vs Darrius
HP-549 Hollywood vs Darrius KO Rematch from Hollywould Productions – Hollywood vs Darrius
HP-575 Belly Beatdown from Hollywould Productions Hollywood vs Darrius
HP-580 Hollywood vs Puma from Hollywould Productions – Hollywood vs Puma
HP-590 The Surprise from Hollywould Productions – Hollywood vs Darrius
HP-579 The Further Adventures Of Dark Angel from Hollywould Productions – Hollywood vs Duncan
Malice in Wonderland from Double Trouble Wrestling – Hollywood vs The Puma
Mixed Misery from Double Trouble Wrestling – Hollywood vs Peter
Boxing Gloved Beatdown of Hollywood from Hit The Mat – Hollywood vs Darrius (Boxing)
Bum Fight Hollywood vs Darrius from Hit The Mat – Hollywood vs Darrius
HTMC28 Hollywood vs The Masked Mauler from Hit The Mat – Hollywood vs The Masked Mauler
HTMV01 Hollywood vs The Professor from Hit The Mat – Hollywood vs Duncan
Ra’id and Darrius vs Hollywood SSS09 from Slam Suffer Submit – Hollywood vs Ra’id and Darrius


Post on this blog about Hollywood…



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