Alix Lynx, Keri Spectrum And Christina Carter In 3 New Mixed Wrestling Matches From Double Trouble

Double Trouble has released three new mixed wrestling matches recently. One features adult film star Alix Lynx, a superheroine video starring the legendary Kerri Spectrum and Christina Carter in a match that is well.. you can see for yourself.

First off blonde hottie (and I do mean hottie) Alix Lynx takes on The Puma. Former Gymnist Alix, with her flexible and toned petite body is the perfect prey for the masked woman destroyer Puma. And destroy her he does.

And in case anyone isn’t familiar with Alix, here is a better picture of her than their promo pic below. The girl is insanely hot.

Alix Lynx - photo courtesy of her twitter

photo courtesy of Alix’s Twitter.

The cat is in the house, that’s right the one and only Puma is doing some house work and all this work is aimed at the cutest little blonde you will ever see: Alix Lynx, she was a gymnast so her body is amazing. The cutest little butt, and wearing an amazing little bottom that shows it off so well, it has the big cat salivating – he can’t wait to get his hands on this little beauty, so petite he can flip her over his head with little effort and that’s just what he does, her lean body spread over his shoulders with her blonde hair falling… a sight of real beauty. All the holds are put on this vixen and she proves to be quite the warrior as she takes all the punishment without breaking. Puma stretches her in so many ways it’s hard to know why she didn’t break in half, then off comes her top and more chokes and holds. Finally one more back breaker over his shoulder and a final leg spreader. It’s Puma doing what he does best, and doing it to the cutest little blonde ever!!!



The Keri Spectrum, of Sleeperkid’s World and Spectrum Custom Request fame, dons a Supergirl suit (which the blonde wears well for sure) and takes on The Puma in “Super Spectrum Squash”. Keri is an amazing jobber and fans of her or Superheroine fantasy should appreciate this video.

Usually a Puma match would go in our mixed section but because this one is against a super Keri Spectrum, she is so beautiful in her cape and skimpy super suit. Super Puma sneaks up behind her and once he has her in a super bear hug he is able to squeeze much of the super right out of her, then on to destruction as with her beautiful blonde hair he chokes her. He picks her up and while holding her he chokes, but wait what is this he turns her upside down and… no, Keri now has her legs wrapped around his head – in an amazing turn she chokes him while upside down and as he falls to the mat she secures her legs around his evil neck, it is a true move of beauty, but Puma claws her sweet belly till she releases. The battle rages on with super Puma getting even more brutal, he body slams her over his knee, then chokes her till her eyes bug. Valiantly this super fem fights wildly, she tries to attack and gets in some great holds; grapevine and body scissors, but these only serve to make the big cat even madder. Real destruction comes when he has her in a crucifix or over the top rope, he works over her taught belly with savage blows. Her cape is ripped off and used to choke her, her shoe is ripped of and used to… what the hell is he doing with that shoe?! Keri and Puma a dynamic duo, destined for a savage battle and ultimate destruction!!!

Women Defeated - Keri Spectrum vs The Puma at Double Trouble Wrestling


And finally “Clown and Out In Beverly Hills” is the most unusual match, featuring the amazing Christina Carter that is well… I can’t do it justice with a description so I will leave you to read it for yourself from Double Trouble.

Are you afraid of clowns? Of course you’re afraid of clowns. Everyone is a little creeped out by clowns. However, Evil Clown is worse. He is a monster that dug itself out of your nightmares. His grotesque face and even more disgusting body will be working over the stunningly gorgeous Christina Carter today. An unaware Christina talks on her cell phone as Evil Clown slinks up behind her and then savagely grabs her. Evil Clown’s husky growl whispers in Christina’s ear as he chokes and strips his prey. Christina puts up a hearty effort to fend off her gruesome attacker. She screams and punches at Evil Clown as he clumsily and violently squeezes Christina’s large breasts. Once Evil Clown has stripped Christina down to her bra, panties, and high heels, he chokes her out and drags her from her home to a wrestling ring. Terrified, Christina awakens nearly nude, in a strange place, and with a monster standing over her. The fear grips her tighter than Evil Clown. If you want to watch the beautiful and topless Christina Carter brutalized by a monster then this is the video for you!

Women Defeated - Christina Carter in Mixed Wrestling from Double Trouble Wrestling



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Idelsy Takes On The Puma

Double Trouble released their latest mixed wrestling video, and it seems The Puma is at it again. This time his victim is the sultry Idelsy Love.

They describe the video better than I ever could, so I am going to leave it to Double Trouble for the description.

Oh so sexy in her short skirt, nylons, heels, open white shirt and black bra- Idelsy Love, the little dynamite brunette is dressed up and in the ring ready to take on the one and only, Puma. She insults the big cat and soon pays for it as Puma has her in a reverse bear hug, so sexy watching the exotic brunette wildly kick those shapely nylon clad legs as the Puma lifts her high off the ground. And this is just the first of many soaring lifts but not before he takes her shirt off so his prey exposes her sexy black and red bra, then he presses her over head, grabbing her crotch as he does, speaking of grabbing crotch Puma gets pretty touchy later, he puts his big mitts hard into her crotch as he lays her out on the canvas. Then of course we have all those great holds: body slam over his knee, chokes with foot and hand, corner destruction, and my favorite is when he puts her between the ropes and stretches her backwards. Her black hair whips wildly across her sultry face as destruction befalls her in every way, but those sexy heels stay on the whole time, except for just in the very end… she kicks wildly for air as the big cat secures that final choke – another girl has been PUMED!!!

Women Defeated - "Idelsy vs The Puma" from Double Trouble


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Kristiana Takes On The Puma At DT Wrestling

Double Trouble has released their latest mixed wrestling video. This one featuring strong and sexy Kristiana taking on Double Trouble’s lady killer The Puma.

Kristiana has a strategy, and it is a painful one as she gets the upper hand by a cheap shot low blow on The Puma. She capitalizes and almost gives Puma one of her few defeats. But as anyone who watches the Puma knows, he does not go down easily. Unluckily for Kristiana.

Women Defeated - Kristiana vs The Puma from Double Trouble



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Miko VS Leonard At Double Trouble

Double Trouble Wrestling has done it again with another maledom mixed wrestling match. And for this video The Puma takes a rest and it is Leonard taking on porn star Miko Sinz. Miko puts up a valiant and heroic effort in this video, but it is all for not as Leonard torments and tortures poor Miko.

From Double Trouble…

Miko is such a beauty, we almost hate to see her go up against a male muscle man, yes while Leonard may not be taller than Miko he is defiantly stronger and out to prove it in this multi fall match. Miko comes out spunky was usual but soon our male is having his way with her as a clothesline stunns her and he body slams her to the mat, then over his shoulders the Asian beauty is thrown and soon he has her in the first of many long pins. Miko’s jet black hair flies with each savage throw and carry, her feminine body is stretched to the limit be it over his back or over his knee, and slammed be it with pile drivers or body slams. Poor Miko, she valiantly tries and even gets in some destructive kicks of her own but never enough to stop muscular Leonard – he just keeps destroying, over and over through all the falls, then adds the insult with long counting pins. Another mix of destruction !!!!!

Women Defeated - Miko Sinz


Some other mixed matches from Double Trouble featuring Miko include…

◊ 7 Up, 7 Down Part 1 and Part 2 – Melissa Jacobs, Cali Logan, Alyssa Reece, Lola Lynn, Celeste Star, Charlie Laine vs Puma and Darrius.
7 girl Mixed Match Part 1 and Part 2 – Emily Addison, Alyssa Reese, Celeste Star, Miko Sinz, Melissa Jacobs, Cali Logan, and Sinn Sage vs Leonard and Darrius.
◊ Leonard vs. Miko, Cali, Samantha & Emily Part 1 and Part 2 – Cali Logan, Emily Addison, Samantha Ryan, Miko Sinz vs Leonard.
◊ Miko, Cali, Karlie, Celeste vs. Peter – Celeste Star, Cali Logan, Karlie Montana and Miko Sinz vs Peter.
◊ Puma 6 Pack 3 – Cali, Miko, Melissa – Cali Logan, Miko Sinz, and Melissa Jacobs vs Puma.


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Double Trouble Summer Sale

Double Trouble is having their annual Summer Sale. And it looks like some good deals are to be had.

The sale works as follows…

  • 20% off all orders over $50 with a special promo code given in the link below.
  • 50% off select matches. There are 37 in total featuring popular girls such as Alyssa Reece, Cali Logan, Capri Cavanni, Tanya Danielle, Christina Carter, Hollywood, Akira Lane and more.

Below are the mixed wrestling videos made available for the sale.

“Puma 6 Pack 3 – Cali, Miko, Melissa” features Cali Logan (one of our pics for the top 10 mixed wrestling women jobbers), Miko Sinz and Melissa Jacobs taking on DT’s infamous bully The Puma.

Women Defeated - Cali Logan, Miko Sinz, Melissa Jacobs


“Puma 6 Pack 4 – Karlie” features The Puma at it again, tormenting the poor girls of Double Trouble. This time against the sexy Karlie Montana.

Women Defeated - Karlie Montana


And finally The Puma takes on the awesome Shauna Ryanne.

Women Defeated - Shauna Ryanne


To find the full details of the sale CLICK HERE!


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Ivy Sherwood Defeated By The Puma

Ivy Sherwood is a tough girl, no doubt about it. Knowing that might not help her win her fight against the ladykiller The Puma in the latest Double Trouble mixed wrestling video, but it just might help her survive it.

Porn Star Ivy might have thought she could handle taking on The Puma. But she clearly didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Puma stretches, punds and destroys the petite Ivy, but can’t seem to break her.

Unfortunately that might not be a good thing for Ivy as it just means The Puma will try harder, and torture her more.

Women Defeated - Ivy Sherwood



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Prinzzess Takes On Puma At Double Trouble

Double Trouble is at it again with another mixed wrestling match starring everyone’s favorite lady killer The Puma. Or if not everyones at least all Double Trouble fans favorite lady killer.

Prinzzess is The Puma’s new manager but it seems the two are having differences. In typical fight video fashion there is only one way to settle this dispute. With a one on one battle! Never mind Prinzzess is in a dress and heels for the fight.

The sexy porn star Prinzzess has the refferee in her pocket and would seem to have the upper hand. And for a while she does, but she eventually crosses the referee and ends up in 2 on 1 action.

And in that scenario, things end up much worse for poor Prinzzess.

Women Defeated - Prinzzess



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A Holiday Sale At Double Trouble

Double Trouble is having their annual Holiday sale through New Years.

It includes 20% off any orders that total over $50. They are also offering 50% off select videos. Among them are the mixed wrestling matches below, but they also have several great fem vs fem matches as well.

Women Defeated - Kymberly Jane

“Puma 6 Pack 6 – Kymberly Jane”


“Puma 6 Pack 2 – Nicole”

Women Defeated - Emily Adison

“Emily VS Scott”


Also among the 50% off videos are titles starring some of the most popular women in the wrestling video scene including Christina Carter, JC Marie, Melissa Jacobs, Randy Moore, Celeste Starr, Capri Cavanni, Kobe Lee, Mina Meow, Frankie Zappitelli, Erika Jordan, Cali Logan and more.




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Raquel’s Last Stand At Double Trouble

I was looking over my hard drive, and came across some sample pics from an older Double Trouble video starring Raquel, that I thought I would share with the readers of Women Defeated.

The video is titled “Raquel’s Last Stand” and features Raquel facing off against DT Wrestling’s ladykiller, The Puma.

Raquel is a retired pro wrestler, and this match may be why. As The Puma destroys Raquel with humiliating ease. Using his power to put her in moves such as scissors, hair pulls, belly blows, claw holds, knee drops, chin locks, camel clutches, armbars, bearhugs, and over the the shoulder backbreakers.

Not a good night for poor Raquel, so maybe it is good she hung up her wrestling boots.

Women Defeated - Raquel Women Defeated - Raquel Women Defeated - Raquel Women Defeated - Raquel



To order this match on DVD including two other mixed matches CLICK HERE!

You can also see Raquel in mixed wrestling action in a 5 on 2 match co-starring with Sinn Sage, Andie, Audrie and Charlie. CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 and CLICK HERE FOR PART 2.

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Danielle Trixie and The Puma Face Off Again

Danielle Trixie and The Puma have faced off many times now at Double Trouble. You can read about some of their other battles covered by Women Defeated by clicking HERE and HERE.

Their “epic rivalry” continues in Double Trouble’s latest mixed wrestling release.

Danielle played the Puma’s manager and is upset that her client hasn’t been winning lately. Considering The Puma’s usual dominant wins I can only assume this is set in some kind of parallel universe.

Danielle’s character has seemingly had enough and decides to take it out on him in the ring. She manages to best the big cat on the first match, but Puma demands two more falls and dominated Danielle the second time. Who wins the final round? It doesn’t say so who am I to spoil it? But either way it should be an epic match from these two great performers.

Women Defeated - Danielle Trixie



For more mixed wrestling matches from Double Trouble CLICK HERE!

For more more matches from Double Trouble featuring Danielle Trixie CLICK HERE!


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