Destiny Dumon In Mixed Wrestling Action From Ring Divas

Ring Divas has released their latest installment of their Mixed Wrestling” series. And it had to happen, this one is starring fan favorite, the long time Ring Divas wrestler Destiny Dumon.

Destiny takes on Ring Divas masked terror Demon Machine and like all women wrestlers in the series is thoroughly beaten and dominated by her male opponent.

Destiny was ranked #7 of our top 10 Mixed Wrestling women jobbers for a reason. So this looks like a keeper.

Women Defeated - Destiny Women Defeated - Destiny Women Defeated - Destiny Women Defeated - Destiny Women Defeated - Destiny Women Defeated - Destiny



Destiny can also be seen in another new release from Ring Divas (all be it not a mixed match) taking on her sister Faith Dumon in Ultimate Low Blows Vol.23 (Faith vs. Destiny).

And if you can’t get enough of Destiny Dumon in mixed wrestling action… and you have exhausted the post I have done on Destiny already. Then you can also check out Destiny in mixed wrestling action in the 2010 Ring Divas video “Destiny vs Kyle (New Years Resolution)”.

Women Defeated - Destiny Dumon Women Defeated - Destiny Dumon



And on a final note, if you still can’t get enough of Destiny Dumon. And really who can, it’s Destiny Dumon. Maiden Network has updated recently with some new content to their streaming service; Which features movies, wrestling, online comics and other content with kick ass female leads.

Among other content added is an interview with Destiny Dumon herself. A sample clip of it is shown below.




Other videos from Ring Divas “Mixed Wrestling” series…

Mixed Wrestling Vol. 1 – Starring Cali Danger
Mixed Wrestling Vol. 2 – Starring Madison Sex-Kitten
Mixed Wrestling Vol. 3 - Starring Madison Sex-Kitten and Tessa Blanchard
Mixed Wrestling Vol. 4 – Starring Cali Danger.


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New Streaming Service The Maiden Network Offers Streaming Action With Female Leads

I am going slightly off of this blogs usual subject with this post. But as some of you regular readers may know my one love besides wrestling videos is superheroine videos. And there is a new streaming service called The Maiden Network that offers both to you.

Maiden Network which run in the new year with a January 1st launch is a new streaming network, simmilar to Netflix, which focuses on action movies and series with female protagonist. It has a small library so far but shows a lot of promise.

They debuted with the new movie Athena, Goddes of war. A superheroine action film exclusively available on Maiden Network. It is an indy film but if the trailer is any indication they spent some money on it for sure. As it looks awesome.

They also offer a selection of movies. Among them are the movies Blood Slayer and Inara, The Jungle Girl (previously available on Ring Divas) as well as a selection of grindhouse and old cult movies. Such as “Ilsa, She Wold of the SS”, “Wild Women of Wongo” and “Women’s Prison Massacre”.

They also have several series. They include “True Heroines” a series about a trio of 50’s housewives with super powers trying to evade government capture, “Clutch” an adult thriller about a theif avoiding capture from organized crime, the superheroine series “Party Girl” and “Teen Champion” a reality series about Ring Divas champion Cali Danger.

As well as the movies and TV series their service also offers a small number of online superheroine comic books, currently mostly comics from the Golden Age (I.E. pre 1953). Some audio books are also available there.

Membership is $14.95 a month, as well as $9.99 a month with a six month commitment (which is billed as 54.94  every six months).

However, they also offer a membeship for 24.95 a month which includes all the content from their main service in aditon to a fitness and sports section. This section includes online copies of “Maiden Fitness Magazine” but what is probably the best feature of the site (at least to fans of this blog) a selection of Ring Divas PPV’s. It only has 8 so far but these are recent ones from 2014 and feature wrestlers such as Cali Danger, Destiny Dumon and Tessa Blanchard. In addition the 2 episodes produced of “Lingerie Wrestling League” are also available for streaming.

While this is obviously a lot more than Netflix. The movies and TV shows on their site available on Ring Divas alone are a lot more. So if you are a fan, or even just interested in some of the movies or PPV’s you saw on Ring Divas then this would seem like it would be worth checking out.

The service is available on their website and can also be viewed on a Roku streaming device. And I want to say as a Roku owner, with or without the Maiden Network, everyone should consider owning a Roku. I bought one over a year ago and it was without a doubt the best 100 bucks I ever spent.

If viewed on the Roku you can also get a sample of what they offer for free. As they have a free streaming area of their Roku channel. It offers some of their movies and TV series in a live stream pretty much in the same format as a TV station. The streaming channel is obviously limited as you have to be watching it live (no on demand and no pausing, rewinding or fast forwarding. It basically runs like a cable channel) and offers only selected shows that you have to be vieweing at the specific time they air.  But I have had no problems with the streaming when I watched it. There are limited commercials, but like network TV that is the price you pay for free programming. And the commercials are very short when they do come on.

The selection so far is fairly limites. While they do boast over 75 hours of videos that obviously is not as many as Netflix or Hulu. But it is an ambitious project which promises more content to be added regularly, and for fans of superheroines, action movies with female leads, or Ring Divas wrestling this definitely looks worth checking out.

If you would like to see more about Maiden Network you can click the link below to visit their site.



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Destiny Dumon Once Again Loses A Private Session To YOU

Will Destiny ever learn? Ring Divas has released another installment in their “Private Sessions” series, and it seems she still hasn’t learned her lesson as she once more challenges You.

And if the sample pics and description on their page is any indication, things don’t go any better for her this time.

Not really much I can say about a Private Sessions video starring Destiny that hasn’t been said. As this is the 7th video in this series to feature her. Destiny has I believe left Ring Divas a while back, so apparently they just hadn’t released this one earlier.

As I have said before, no one does POV wrestling videos better than Ring Divas, but I do wish they would have more variety in the girls featured in them.

Still, Destiny is a hell of a great jobber, and mad sexy to boot. So if you like Destiny, or haven’t seen some of her earlier Private Sessions videos. You might want to give this one a look.

Women Defeated - Destiny Dumon POV Women Defeated - Destiny Dumon POV Women Defeated - Destiny Dumon POV Women Defeated - Destiny Dumon POV Women Defeated - Destiny Dumon POV Women Defeated - Destiny Dumon POV





CLICK HERE for more post on Ring Diva’s Videos.
CLICK HERE for more post on Destiny Dumon.
CLICK HERE for Destiny’s entry in the “Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Women Jobbers”.


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Guest Post – Top 10 Jobbers By Alan Slim Clark

From Dan Femwrestlingfan: After I posted my Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Women Jobbers list. My reader Alan Slim Clark, who recently reviewed a match for this site, had some diagreements. He asked if he could have the floor to post his own top 10 list and I agreed.

So listed below are Alan’s top 10 women jobbers. As with my list this is his opinion, and others may vary. 


10) Cali Logan

Great jobber, really pretty and you can tell she has fun being a jobber for all of us.

 Cali Logan 1 195841_211230952224757_100000135628021_930102_7654192_n

 Some of Cali Logan’s Matches…

 HTMC10 – Cali vs Darrius
Cali Logan vs Puma

9) Destiny Dumon

Super sexy, skinny and tall. gets tossed around pretty often and really knows how to give great reactions.

8) Million Dollar Baby

Small, sexy and a samrt ass to boot. She also can sell really good, even ragdolling. only available on MLW. what a shame.

Women Defeated - Million Dollar Baby  Women Defeated - Million Dollar Baby

Some of Million Dollar Baby’s Matches…

◊ Arkansas Terror vs. Million Dollar Baby
Million Dollar Baby vs Destiny
Million Dollar Baby vs Veda Scott

7) Amanda Ruffin

A goofy 2nd generation jobber (Her mother is veteran wrestler Sin-D). really cute and tiny. gets beat up often. knows how to really sell a knock out.

Women Defeated - Amanda Ruffin Women Defeated - Amanda Ruffin

Matches featuring Amanda Ruffin…

 Brawny Brutal Lads and Little Lasses
◊ Mixed Carnage #3
Far Beyond Driven 22

6) Eliza Divine

the lovely reactions of this girl caught my attention long and she’s never let it got. i just love seeing her get destroyed.

Women Defeated - Eliza Devine Women Defeated - Eliza Devine

Some Matches Featuring Eliza Devine…

Wonder Destruction
Belly Devestation 2: Eliza
Lacey’s Toy

5) Jackson

Super flexible and really knows how to throw herself across a room. excellent selling and seems to often land herself in unusual positions

Women Defeated - Jackson Women Defeated - Jackson

Matches featuring Jackson…

Mixed Dreams: “Sorry, Ms. Jackson”
◊ Saphire and Brimstone: Total Devestation
HTM30 – Jackson vs Darrius

4) Mutiny

This Canadian fire cracker is insane and willing to take on anyone anyone. really knows how to sell any deafest and always looks amazing doing it.

Women Defeated - Mutiny Women Defeated - Mutiny

Matches featuring Mutiny…

Mutiny vs Darrius
MW-252 Mutiny vs Sleeperkid Pro-Style Wrestling
Mutiny vs Antonio, Part 2

3) Anne Marie

Talk about over the top, there is no one more over the and extreme as Anne-Marie. This girl takes the hardest bumps know to man.

Women Defeated - Anne Marie Women Defeated - Anne Marie

Matches Featuring Anne-Marie

◊ It’s Business Time Part 2
What Was She Thinking?
Boxing Anne Marie

2) Sinn Sage

One of my favorite girls of all time. An amazing telent, super crazy, super sexy and over the top. Willing to do just about anything. Just know that Sinn will never go down with out a fight.

Women Defeated - Sinn Sage Women Defeated - Sinn Sage

Matches Featuring Sinn Sage…

Boxing Sinn
Sinn Sage vs Leonard
◊ HTM61b – Sinn Sage vs Darrius

1) Sumiko

she is the total package. everything that you ever want in an amazing jobber. she super sells defeat to perfection, performs moves right, excellent over the top reactions and the perfect ragdoll. Sumiko translated to English means perfect jobber, well, it does now.

Women Defeated - Sumiko Women Defeated - Sumiko

Matches featuring Sumiko…

Baby Face Ragdoll
Sumiko vs The Machine
Ohio Justice: Family Splatters

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Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Women Jobbers – #7 Destiny Dumon

The Women Defeated list of Top Ten Mixed Wrestling Women Jobbers continues with #7 none other than former Ring Diva’s champion Destiny Dumon.

A popular name at Ring Diva’s, a women’s wrestling site that offers sexy women’s wrestling matches with TV show quality production values Destiny is one of their most popular wrestlers. And it is no question why as she brings not only skill but is insanely hot.
Destiny is one of those rare performers that can do well both dominating a match, as well as being dominated. But if her matches with Ring Divas are any indication, the fans like seeing her job just a little bit more. And she looks so great jobbing who can blame them.
While Ring Diva’s doesn’t due a huge amount of mixed wrestling videos they have dabbled in it more than a few times and Destiny has seen her share of defeats at the hands of her male opponents, most notably in their POV series “Private Sessions” where she has been the star of most episodes.
She also has been seen in Ring Diva’s two recent attempts at feature link movies “Jenna Hex” where she played the title character as well as “Jungle Girl.”
Destiny would be higher on the list if it weren’t for the fact she is pretty much exclusive to only wrestling for Ring Diva’s and most of her matches being from “Private Sessions” POV matches not being everyone’s thing.
Still Destiny is sexy and skilled at playing a jobber. Being one of the few who knows exactly what the fans want to see in a sexy women’s wrestling jobber and giving it to them.
Which is why Destiny made this list.
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New Private Sessions POV Video Released Starring Destiny Dumon

Ring Diva’s has released yet another installment of Private Sessions.

This one stars Destiny Dumon once more, which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the series and following my blog. As stated before she and Cali Danger make up almost all of the videos in the series.

This one does something a little bit different as “You” face the Ring Diva’s champion while she is wearing a mini skirt and stockings.

Not sure if this will appeal to anyone who has already downloded one of the many “Private Sessions” videos to star Destiny already as these things are not cheap. Although if you like a sexy girl in a mini-skirt and stockings that much more you might love this video, and no doubt some do.

I have said it before, Ring Diva’s does POV videos better than anyone else. But it would be nice if they would mix it up a bit more, as it were. Their previous entry in the series added some new blood with newcomer Teen Summer, but looks like they have gone back to the Destiny and/or Cali well.

I was surprised to see Destiny in this one actually. Ring Diva’s said she was leaving their company, so don’t know if this was filmed earlier or what.

Below are a few pictures from the latest installment courtesy of Ring Diva’s.


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YOU take apart Cali Danger Once Again!

Since I’m on a row, here is yet another post.

I missed this video when it first came out somehow, but Ring Divas released yet another of their “Private Sessions” videos. For anyone who hasn’t read my previous post on this series, Private Sessions features a POV match with one of the lovely ladies of Ring Divas, where YOU grapple with and ultimately defeat them.

The latest installment stars Cali Danger. Which probably comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with these videos.

I say that because the series started out strong with none other then former TNA Knockout, Lacey Von Erich.  However, since then six of the following seven videos in this series, as well as their “spin-off” video “Private Tickle Sessions”, have starred either Cali Danger or Destiny Dumon going against YOU. With the only other exception to the rule being Cheerleader Madison in Vol. 4.

As such, it’s hard to get as excited about them releasing yet another starring the same wrestler to appear in 3 previous videos with the same basic concept. Obviously it’s great if you like Cali Danger, who is both very talented and insanely hot. But I can’t help but wonder if the lack of variety isn’t limiting their chances to sell these videos. Although, these were custom videos, so odds are the same person ordered all of them and he likes Cali and Destiny enough to keep wanting to order videos with them in it.

I haven’t viewed this one, but I will say that while no one does POV fighting as good as Ring Divas, it is still POV fighting. It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste and there is only so much that can be done.

Still, the series offers something different and between that and Cali Danger’s popularity I am sure many would like this video. Hence why I’m making you all aware.



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YOU Go Another Round With Destiny Dumon

Ring Divas has released Volume 7 of their “Private Sessions” series. And once more it is time for You to go up against Destiny Dumon. And put the cocky ex-champion in her place!

The video looks as hot as they ever were, and no doubt Destiny Dumon is one hell of a sexy and talented fighter. I do wish they would add more variety to their “Private Sessions” videos though.

They got off to an excellent start with Laci Von Erich. But it seems like now they just keep doing the same girls over and over. I mean, where is Sam Sexton, or even better the insanely hot Queen Arianna. Who’s presence in this series is long overdue.

Another great video from Ring Diva’s, if you don’t mind the semi high price tag. But here is hoping they add some more girls to this excellent and well done series.



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New Private Sessions (Cali Danger and Destiny Dumon Have A Re-Match With You)

Ring Divas has released the 6th installment of their POV series “Private Sessions”.

Once more “You” square off against Cali Danger and Destiny Dumon in a handicap match. And once more you have the best of them. While POV matches are not everyone’s cup of tea, Ring Diva’s does it better than anyone. And are the only one to regularly feature the girl losing.

You can read my rundown of the first five volumes by clicking here.




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Private Sessions Volumes 2-5

I recently mentioned in one of my first post about the excellent POV series “Private Sessions”. Which gives you a POV view of out wrestling some of the insanely hot and talented girls from Ring Divas. 

Volume 1, as I mentioned, featured former NWA-TNA Knockout Lacey Von Erich. But they have done four others to date. So I thought for those of you who might like to know here are the three other videos. 

Unlike the Lacey Von Erich video I have yet to see any of these. The Lacey Von Erich video was not without some problems, despite being a good video. But since it was the first of it’s kind more or less (although Fem Wrestling Rooms has done something like it, which will be the focus of a future post) they hopefully have improved on them. 

Still looks like the matches are mostly punching and stomping, but again given the limitations of filming POV that is to be expected. 

So here are the other three girls awaiting their demise at your hands…

Ring Divas Champion, the incredibly sexy Destiny Dumon

PrivateSessions_Vol2-016-LARGE  PrivateSessions_Vol2-002-LARGE
 PrivateSessions_Vol2-003-LARGE  PrivateSessions_Vol2-014-LARGE


Destiny Dumon recruits Cali Danger for backup, but it seems still can’t take “You”

6  3
 4 5


“You” tangle with their newest hottie Cheerleader Madison, dressed in a bra and panties.

4a 1a
2a 3a


And finally Cali Danger takes “You” on one-on-one in their latest installment.

4b 1b
2b 3b


So far these are the last from this hot series but I am confident they will do more, clearly they are popular. They are pricy, and the price may not be for everyone. But this is most definitley the closest and least panful way to take on these sexy girls. 

Rest assured that when/if more are released I will be right here to let you guys know.


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