Day Dreamin’ From BOTS (Battle Of The Sexes)

I have given some samples from this series before, but the mixed wrestling site BOTS, which stands for “Battle Of The Sexes” has an awesome series going on, that is most definitely worth mentioning.

It’s called Day Dreamin’ and has an awesome premise, at least to me. Each video features a hotty (and they are some of the hottest girls I have ever seen in mixed wrestling videos.) walking and seeing a guy on the street and like what they see.

They then retreat someplace where they can be alone, and begin to fantasize about wrestling said guy, or guys. The video then cuts back and forth between their fantasy match and then alone getting themselves off thinking about the fight.

It is an awesome premise, and an original one. What is better is while this premise would seem to indicate the perfect set up for one sided domination it isn’t that at all. The heroines in these videos seem to enjoy being manhandled by these strong guys almost as much as being the one in control. In fact one of the series does have the girl fantasize about losing the match.

BOTS is one of the best mixed wrestling sites out there, if you prefer mixed wrestling that aren’t one sided, girl dominates guy matches. The matches always go back and forth, and sometimes the guy even does come out on top. Which of course makes them one of my favorite producers.

Here is a quick sample of the first three installments in the Day Dreamin’ series.

Day Dreamin’ 1 starring Abbie Cat
(Abby is defeated)

DD1-2  DD1-5

DD1-4  DD1-3

Day Dreamin’ 2 Starring Anastasya
(Anastasya wins)

DD2-4  DD2-1
DD2-3  DD2-2

Day Dreamin’ 3 Starring Orsi
(Orsi’s “love slave” loses the to two guys. Orsi wins against two guys. Orsi loses to her “slave”)

DD3-1  DD3-2
DD3-3  DD3-4




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