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I recently discovered from some readers that my spam filter had started blocking EVERYONE as spam when posting a comment, no matter what they typed.

I believe I have corrected the problem, so if you had tried to post a comment before and been blocked as Spam then feel free to try again, it should go through this time.

Unless you are posting Spam… then fuck off of course. ;)

Sorry for the inconvenience

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Jade vs Razor X At Hardbodies Wrestling

Women Defeated - Jade I recently came across a wrestling site called Hardbodies Wrestling. It is a newer site and mostly features fem vs fem wrestling. But they do have one video that should be of interest specifically to fans of Women Defeated.

The video features young and talented hardbody Jade taking on the masked Razor X. Razor X overhears Jade bragging about how she is better than him and can easily take him.

As you may have guessed… she is wrong.

I haven’t seen this video yet but always glad to see more producers releasing maledom matches. So hopefully this won’t be their last.



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Video Review – “Puma’s Prey” from Lucha Girls

Puma’s Prey is one of many videos featuring Lucha Girls favorite jobber Allie Parker taking on The Puma (Not to be confused with the Double Trouble wrestler of the same name).

This video is a good long one sided squash featuring Allie getting humbled yet again by her male tormentor. And there is a reason so many fans are clearly ordering videos featuring Allie Parker dominated in a wrestling match. Allie Parker is an amazing jobber.

Allie has all the things that make a great jobber. The cute innocent seeming persona, the cute good girl look, the never say die attitude, great selling, and the ability to look amazing in defeat.

The Puma, for his part plays an excellent heel. As he puts poor Allie through the ringer with painful holds and streches, while taunting her all the way as he handles her with east. Both performers were definitely on the ball for this video.

The video quality is good and well lit and the camera man is usually at the best spot for the action. Although it is worth noting the focus gets slightly off in a couple places. Not enough to ruin the video in my opinion but is still worth noting. As I say with all of these types of videos I think most fans are aware this isn’t shot by Hollywood film makers.

All in all this is another quality video and should definitely be worth checking out if you are a fan of Allie Parker, or like seeing sexy jobbers taken down in pro-style in ring action.

The video has a run time of 23:50 (Although the buildup takes up around the first 2 minutes for what that is worth) and a price of $24.99.

Women Defeated - Allie Parker Women Defeated - Allie Parker Women Defeated - Allie Parker Women Defeated - Allie Parker Women Defeated - Allie Parker Women Defeated - Allie Parker



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Mutiny and Carlos Are At It Again At Mutiny Wrestling

Women Defeated - MutinyThe most epic feud in Mutiny Wrestling continues. As Carlos and Mutiny square off once again!

As regulars to Mutiny Wrestling know, or just people who read my blog a lot (and who wouldn’t because Women Defeated is Awesome) are well aware of, Carlos loves nothing more than to humiliate Mutiny in a match.

And once again he succeeds in their latest encounter. As he goes on to bend and strech Mutiny into humiliating positions over and over. Until the poor girl doesn’t know if it’s the painful holds of the humiliation that is worse.

Don’t know which is worse for Mutiny, but as we have made it very clear on this blog, Mutiny jobs like no one else.



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Frankie Zappitelli Defeated In POV Boxing

Women Defeated - Frankie ZappitelliFrankie Zappitelli is a favorite here at Women Defeated, as well as making the list of our Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Female Jobbers.

She doesn’t seem to work as much as she used to, but when she does she always makes the most of it. Such as with Hit The Mat’s newest POV boxing video “Frankie Z POV Boxing Pounding”.

In it Frankie is seeking a strong male opponent to give her a challenge and turns to “You”. She finds one in You, possibly more than she bargained for as she is dominated and boxed all over the ring.

Guess she found her challenge.



Also released fairly recently from Hit The Mat are a few other videos our readers might find of interest to them. (the links below include sample clips).

Duncan vs Helena Heavenly PRO BRAWL – Starring Hellena Heavenly and Duncan in pro-wrestling action. Hellena does come out on top but takes a heck of a beating before she does, including some brutal belly punching.

Jesse vs Darrius Part 1 – Beautiful Jesse things after defeating Duncan she can take down Darrius… she is wrong.

Jesse vs Darrius Part 2 – Jesse and Darrius go at it again, Jesse puts up more of a fight this time, but still falls in the end.

Raquel vs Darrius – Hit The Mat recently downloaded this mixed boxing oldie but goodie in their maledom clips store.


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Video Review – “Destroying Ayssa” from Super Action Mixed

“Destroying Alyssa” is a maledom match from the new store Super Action Mixed, from the creators of Super Action Fights and features gorgeous hard body Alyssa taking on the masked wrestler Shogun.

While Super Action Fights has done a couple mixed wrestling videos before (one of which was even reviewed on this blog), this is their first heavy foray into mixed fighting and if this video is any indication they are off to a very good start.

I have not seen Alyssa in action before, but aside from being gorgeous and having an amazing body she was an excellent seller, playing the jobber role well in this one sided beatdown. Her facial expressions and moans of pain were spot on and she is a natural at playing the jobber role.

Shogun was excellent also in his heel role with some good taunting and expertly twisting and bending Alyssa’s body into a variety of holds. The only fault I found in his performance were that his belly punches in the beginning were kind of light. I got nothing against producers keeping it safe, and with only a couple in the beginning this is hardly a belly punching video. But for a company that has some pretty solid punches in their belly punching videos at Super Action Fights I was a bit surprised by it. It shouldn’t be a big hindrance to anyone however.

The production quality was well, everything was well lit and in focus and the camera was where it needed to be. So I have no complaints there.

The video is short at just under five and a half minutes which some might find a dissapointment. But it is priced accordingly and is all action so anyone who wants a cheap video that gets right to the “good parts” should definitely give this video a look.

Women Defeated - Alyssa Women Defeated - Alyssa Women Defeated - Alyssa Women Defeated - Alyssa Women Defeated - Alyssa Women Defeated - Alyssa



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Nikky Thorne Humiliated By A Masked Wrestler

BOTS Fight Club hasn’t released many maledom matches in quite some time. But it seems they are coming out swinging with their latest maledom video “Humiliating Maledom – Nikky Thorne”

It features blonde beauty Nikky Thorne dooing her best damsel in distress routine against BOTS resident makes heel The Mexican. Nikky starts out this match strong, but it doesn’t last for long. And what follows is a humiliating beatdown on poor Nikky from her masked foe. She may think twice before challenging him again after this match.

It is worth noting that BOTS is touting this as their best maledom match ever, and as the link to their page below shows they are very proud of this video. I haven’t seen it so I can’t personally backup the claim, but they generally don’t toot their own horn quite this loud, so they clearly think they got something special.

Women Defeated - Nikky Thorne Women Defeated - Nikky Thorne Women Defeated - Nikky Thorne Women Defeated - Nikky Thorne Women Defeated - Nikky Thorne Women Defeated - Nikky Thorne



EDIT: Two more parts of this video have been added. To view them click HERE and HERE.

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Allie Parker In 3 New Mixed Wrestling Videos

Popular Lucha Girl wrestler Allie Parker has not had the best of luck in most of her videos with the company, particularly against men. But if nothing else she never gives up, as evident buy Lucha Girls recently releasing 3 new mixed wrestling videos featuring Allie.

In “When Puma Attacks” Allie has lost to The Puma before, but is intent on facing him again. She clearly expected better results the second time. But it doesn’t go as she hoped and the larger, more ring savvy and more experienced Puma takes down Allie with ease yet again.



Up next Allie takes on The Bad Dude in “Bad Dude Belly Chops”.

Allie has a thing going with The Bad Dude, but he doesn’t take well to his girl showing off her belly and wants her to cover up. An act which will likely make him one of the most hated men in all of wrestling. Allie doesn’t take to his demands and so he responds with chops, punches and other punishment to her sexy belly.



And finally in “Puma’s Prey” Allie is convinced after not one but four beatdowns that she is finally ready to get her revenge on Puma. The short answer… she is wrong and receives another brutal beatdown from Lucha Girls lady killer.



And since we are on the subject of Allie Parker, Lucha Girls also recently uploaded an interview with Allie herself. It is an interesting viewing, and many Women Defeated fans will likely find it interesting that she mentioned her favorite customs to shoot are against The Bad Dude.

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Tessa Defeated By The Masked Mauler At Femmix

A little while ago, Femmix Wrestling added some new videos, including a new mixed maledom match “Tessa VS The Masked Mauler.”

Femmix has some of the prettiest girls to do wrestling videos, and this one is no exception as Tessa is georgous. And this video features her in full jobber mode as she is completely outmatched by The Masked Mauler. Who goes on to completely dominate and humiliate poor Tessa the entire match.

I haven’t had a chance to see this video. But my fellow blogger and wrestling fan B.N. Da Supa Mark did a review on his blog and gave it a glowing review. So for fans of one sides ragdoll matches this might be one worth checking out.

Women Defeated - Tessa



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Vanessa Harding Dominated By Chance

I don’t mention her much on this blog, an oversight that needs to be corrected, but I am a big fan of Vanessa Harding.

Vanessa is a truly great talent. Well trained and skilled wrestler, excellent jobber, and an amazing body. What more could anyone want in a custom video wrestler? So in that spirit I am sharing a couple videos I have come across from Lady Victoria’s website.

The “plot” is basically the same in both videos, Vanessa Harding takes on Chance and lives to regret it. Chance is a buff and brutal indy wrestler who puts poor Vanessa through her paces. Vanessa is tough though and takes a ton of punishment refusing to give up. Sometimes a wrestlers pride can work against her.

As the sample clip below shows.

Women Defeated - Vanessa Harding



Women Defeated - Vanessa Harding



You can also see Vanessa get her revenge on Chance in “MIXED CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 3″


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