Sleeperkid Unleashes Double Destruction

Sleeperkid’s Pay-Per-View Store has released their newest update. Among the 14 new releases is the mixed match “Mixed Dreams: Double Destruction” starring Lady Jane and Stephanie Starr.

In the first of two matches on the video Lady Jane is telling the camera how sick she is of Sleeperkid always cheating. Anyone familiar with the Mixed Dreams series probably know what happens next.

If you said, “Sleeperkid sneak attacks her from behind” you are correct. And Sleeperkid then proceeds to beat down poor Lady Jane in a one sided squash.

Sleeperkid then continues his tricks in the second match. Where he sneaks up on the rookie Stephanie Starr as she is working out and gives her a beatdown of her own.

Fans of the “Mixed Dreams” series, or of either Lady Jane or Stephanie Starr should definitely consider checking this video out.

Women Defeated - Lady Jane Women Defeated - Stephanie Starr



You can check out B.N. Da Supa Mark’s review of this video by CLICKING HERE!

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Dark Machine Defeats Wrath At Thunder Kittens

Dark Machine is at it again over in Thunder Kittens.

Wrath challenges Dark Machine to another match. She is looking to prove to the top brass over at Thunder Kittens that she has what it takes to become the #1 contender for the cruiserweight championship.

She better hope they are grading on a curve. Because Dark Machine proceeds to thoroughly dominate her. Turning her into his rag doll and subjecting her to multiple holds and moves.

She probably should have found a better opponent to prove herself with.

1 2 3 4




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Destiny Dumon In Mixed Wrestling Action From Ring Divas

Ring Divas has released their latest installment of their Mixed Wrestling” series. And it had to happen, this one is starring fan favorite, the long time Ring Divas wrestler Destiny Dumon.

Destiny takes on Ring Divas masked terror Demon Machine and like all women wrestlers in the series is thoroughly beaten and dominated by her male opponent.

Destiny was ranked #7 of our top 10 Mixed Wrestling women jobbers for a reason. So this looks like a keeper.

Women Defeated - Destiny Women Defeated - Destiny Women Defeated - Destiny Women Defeated - Destiny Women Defeated - Destiny Women Defeated - Destiny



Destiny can also be seen in another new release from Ring Divas (all be it not a mixed match) taking on her sister Faith Dumon in Ultimate Low Blows Vol.23 (Faith vs. Destiny).

And if you can’t get enough of Destiny Dumon in mixed wrestling action… and you have exhausted the post I have done on Destiny already. Then you can also check out Destiny in mixed wrestling action in the 2010 Ring Divas video “Destiny vs Kyle (New Years Resolution)”.

Women Defeated - Destiny Dumon Women Defeated - Destiny Dumon



And on a final note, if you still can’t get enough of Destiny Dumon. And really who can, it’s Destiny Dumon. Maiden Network has updated recently with some new content to their streaming service; Which features movies, wrestling, online comics and other content with kick ass female leads.

Among other content added is an interview with Destiny Dumon herself. A sample clip of it is shown below.




Other videos from Ring Divas “Mixed Wrestling” series…

Mixed Wrestling Vol. 1 – Starring Cali Danger
Mixed Wrestling Vol. 2 – Starring Madison Sex-Kitten
Mixed Wrestling Vol. 3 - Starring Madison Sex-Kitten and Tessa Blanchard
Mixed Wrestling Vol. 4 – Starring Cali Danger.


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Video Review – “Josh Wrestles and Dominates Wren” from Grappling Babes

“Josh Wrestles and Dominates Wren” is a competitive match produced by Grappling Babes, and is also their first match to feature the man winning.

I will start out this review by being upfront. Competitive matches aren’t really my thing. I have nothing against them, but I tend to prefer the more theatrical approach of scripted matches. So while like all reviews I try to look with an open mind (as I am well aware with the genre one persons taste isn’t the same as another). I thought it was only fair to let that be known.

This was definitely a competitve match in the sense it didn’t feel scripted and both sides looked to be trying. And like many it was fairly one sided, although unlike most mixed matches this one featured poor Wren pretty soundly defeated.

Both Josh and Wren were clearly skilled mat grappler’s, although obviously Josh’s shown through better as he dominated the match. But both showed their skills as grapplers and Wren considering Josh was a bigger and stronger opponent did not do bad for herself.

Both competitiors spent the match engaging in more fun and slightly flirty banter throughout the match. (Would not be surprised if they weren’t a couple in real life. But am just guessing here so not wanting to start any rumors) Not uncommon for a competitive match, and they were clearly and genuinely having a good time. Obviously people who prefer intense trash talking or sexy moans and grunts from the defeated girl won’t find that here. But fans wanting a more genuine look at two wrestlers having fun while battling should find this enjoyable. And Wren had a fun personality which showed through in it.

Wren is a cutie and as mentioned above has a fun playful personality that makes her fun to watch. And many fans have mentioned to me they wish there were more male wrestlers who were younger and more fit than the majority of male mixed wrestlers. Those fans should like Josh who is both of those things, as well as skilled on the mat.

While I won’t nessecarily claim this match will change the opinions of fans who aren’t into competitive matches, I enjoyed this. Both wrestlers were clearly having fun and not faking anything, which was nice. And unlike many mixed matches of this nature which like to pit the girls against guys who are smaller and/or out of shape and force them to hold back on top of that. A match featuring the guy in control and seemingly not holding back was a nice change of pace.

If you like competitive matches, or have a fondness for matches with both appearing to have a good time wrestling each other, over the more intense format scripted matches portray this would be one for you. And obviously anyone who wants to see a guy genuinely dominating in a match will also appreciate this one.

“Josh Wrestles And Dominates Wren” has a price tag of $12.99 and a run time of 12 Minutes.

Women Defeated - Wren Women Defeated - Wren Women Defeated - Wren Women Defeated - Wren Women Defeated - Wren Women Defeated - Wren



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Klarra Daniele Recently Injured, Medical Fund Set Up

Klarra Daniele

Wrestler Klarra Daniele, who has done many videos under the name “Carrie” and been mentioned before on this blog, was recently injured.

Klarra was injured while doing a pile driver during a video shoot and her neck was broken in 2 places. I wasn’t there, but based on what I have heard she was very lucky to be close enough to a hospital to get treated in time, which saved her life. And according to Klarra herself, via her Facebook post and elsewhere she is doing amazingly well and seems to be well on her way to a full recovery.

However, as most of us are well aware medical expenses aren’t cheap and models seldom ever have health insurance. So a medical fund has been set up at

These are tough times for many, but if any of our readers can afford to help I am sure it would be greatly appreciated. You can click on the link below for more information as well as to donate. You do have the option of keeping your donation anonymous, so if you choose to donate you can chose to not have your name posted on the page. I know a lot of fans of this genre prefer the public not know about their interest, so I felt I should bring that to the attention of anyone who is worried about their name being made public. It doesn’t have to be.

EDIT: Not sure why, but since posting this, the GoFundMe account has been disabled. 

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Newcomer Lollipop Defeated At Angry Girls

Angry Girls has released a new mixed wrestling video. It features pretty newcomer Lollipop taking on the resident masked terror Mr. X.

Lollipop may not have experience, but she clearly is not lacking in confidence. She challenges Mr. X for her first match, seemingly sure she can do what so many others have failed at and defeat him.

Unfortunately for Lollipop she underestimates his power, as most of the girls of Angry Girls do, and ends up soundly defeated. Angry Girls promises this is a video for lovers of male domination.

Angry Girls - Lollipop Angry Girls - Lollipop Angry Girls - Lollipop Angry Girls - Lollipop Angry Girls - Lollipop Angry Girls - Lollipop



EDIT: The day after I put this post up Angry Girls posted another match between Lollypop and Mr. X. To read more about that match CLICK HERE!

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Cassidy, Devon, Pandora And Jessie Belle In Maledom Action At Sleeperkid’s World

Sleeperkid’s World have recently updated their PPV store with new clips and a new feature length video. Quite a few promising videos have been added, but of the most interest to maledom fans which is also Women Defeated fans are videos starring Cassidy, Devon, Pandora and one of my all time favorites Jessie Belle.

First off, in a full length 42 minute video cute blonde Cassidy starts out with a friendly match against Sleeperkid. However after Cassidy gets an advantage Sleeperkid doesn’t take it to well and once the tide turns he makes sure Cassidy does NOT have a good day. What follows is a decisive and humiliating loss for poor Cassidy.

The video also includes a 12 minute,  1 on 2 squash match. Which features Sleeperkid humbling long time Sleeperkid girls Pandora and Devon.

Sleeperkid has offered both sample clips and a sample gallery on his page. But below is a compilation of a couple of the sample clips. Featuring footage from both the Cassidy match, and the Devon and Pandora match.

You can view the sample gallery by CLICKING HERE!



Also recently out among his large clip updates is “Ringing Jessie’s Belle” starring Jessie Belle.

Jessie Belle is apologizing to the fans for losing to Sleeperkid. But as she does The Kid sneaks up on her and it looks like history might be doomed to repeat itself.

Women Defeated - Jessie Belle





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Darrius Defeats Annie Cruz in Mixed Boxing

Annie are you ok, are you ok Annie?

And yes, I have waited for the chance to use that gag. What can I say? I like bad puns.

Anyway, Hit The Mat recently released two mixed boxing videos starring Annie Cruz. Like many of their mixed boxing videos they feature one video where Annie wins and one video where Annie loses. But since this is Women Defeated, we all know which one we will be covering.

“Annie Cruz defeated by Darrius – Mixed Boxing” features adult model Annie Cruz taking on Hit The Mat’s resident heel Darrius in mixed boxing action.

Former boxer Annie Cruz is sick and tired of Darrius beating up her friends at Hit The Mat. So she decides to lace up the gloves and take matters into her own hands. This doesn’t work out well for her though, as Darrius soundly defeats her, first with Annie in a bra before Darrius removes it and finishes her off while she is topless.



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Video Review – “Celeste Gets Destroyed” from Fetish Adventures

“Celeste Gets Destroyed” is a new maledom video from Fetish Adventures, starring Celeste and Bob.

Celeste is cocky starting out her rematch with Bob who she beat once before. But as is often the case with these things, at least when Women Defeated covers them, Celeste confidence seems to be misplaced.

This video features the lovely Celeste getting her sexy body bent and twisted in plenty of submissions holds by bob. There is plenty of taunting by the dominant bob in this match, followed by heroically defiant but ultimately futile attempts to withstand the abuse from Celeste. Celeste is a great seller and looks great in the jobber role. Bob is not as good of a heel as their usual villain Reggie, but plays the role well just the same.

The editing and lighting was good in this video. Fetish Adventures has had some lighting problems in the past with some of their videos, but none of it was present here. And the camera was always in a good spot to capture the action. So no complaints from the production end.

While Celeste outfit was more skimpy then you would find in some wrestling videos, there was no nudity or “sexual content” in this video. Again not a good or bad thing, just depends on preference. I just like to clarify that in my reviews since it can be a make or break issue for some.

All in all this was a quality video. Well filmed and with lost of good grappling featuring a georgous jobber. What more could anyone want?

This video has a run time of 15:56 and is priced at $15.99.

Women Defeated - Celeste Women Defeated - Celeste Women Defeated - Celeste Women Defeated - Celeste Women Defeated - Celeste Women Defeated - Celeste



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Hollywood And Sandy Vs 2 Males At Steel Kittens

Steel Kittens blog recently brought to my attention a match I somehow missed in the past, and shame on me for that for sure. “Oil Change” features legendary wrestlers Sandy and Hollywood, the latter rated as one of Women Defeated’s Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Women Jobbers, taking on two males in Chuck and Tony.

I have not seen the video and the description does not say which team was the ultimate winner of the match. But the 2 out of 3 falls oil wrestling match match goes down to the third fall meaning that the guys win at least once and clearly give the girls all they can handle, maybe more.

And as the sample pics below show, they both look damn good being taken to their limits. Although that is hardly a surprise. Definitely a match fans of this blog might want to look into.


Women Defeated - Sandy and Hollywood Women Defeated - Sandy and Hollywood Women Defeated - Sandy and Hollywood



You can also see their blog post about this match by CLICKING HERE!


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