J.C. Marie VS Puma At Double Trouble

The Puma, the masked lady killer of Double Trouble has been quiet lately. Unfortunately for JC Marie it didn’t last.

This latest mixed wrestling video features the Puma once more taking on the gorgeous blonde JC Marie. JC tries to put up a good fight and apparently does for a while. But The Puma makes her pay for it with some of his usual punishment to his female opponent.

I would have thought she would have learned the last time she took him on. But apparently not. For her own sake, she better not decide that the third times the charm.

Women Defeated - JC Marie






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Peyton Sin Claire, Andromeda, Layla, Natalia, and Tsunami Defeated

Dark Machine has recently been continuing his reign of destruction on the girls of Thunder Kittens recently. And it looks like he has found a whole new batch of girls to feel his wrath.

First up Dark Machine takes on porn star Peyton Sin Claire. Her hot tatooed body might give you the impression she can handle herself. But you would be wrong, at least with this match. As Dark Machine destroys and dominates poor Peyton.

Up next is a video featuring three matches where Dark Machine takes on three newcomers, Andromeda, Layla, Natalia

The description doesn’t give the final outcome to these matches. But based on the sample video below, it looks like some definite back and forth action for each.

Dark Machine then takes on the purple haired Fenris. Who first makes an example out of Andromeda, then goes after the man monster.

From the looks of it she gives him all he can handle and maybe a little too much more.

Dark Machen takes on the sexy blonde Russian Sabrina next. After receiving a double choke slam from two other Thunder Kittens, Dark Machine finds her and helps her up.

But it seems no good deed goes unpunished as she then takes a cheap shot at him, and the fight is on.

And finally Tsunami takes on Dark Machine in her tryout match. I don’t know who wins, but I know she give shim all he can handle. But as the sample pic shows, he returns the favor. Also in this video is a second match featuring Fenris vs Layla.

Women Defeated - Tsunami




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Jessie Belle To Retire

Jessie BelleWrestler Jessie Belle has announced her retirement recently, and has said that the last of her booking, which will end in October, will be her final ones.

Jessie Belle is best known on the indy scene, and for having a run in the developmental terrriroties for WWE and TNA. But she has also worked for several custom video companies including Magnificent Ladies Wrestling, Thunder Kittens, Femmix Wrestling, and Sleeperkid’s World.

Jessie has been mentioned quite a bit on this blog and with good reason. She was a personal favorite of mine. Her good looks, southern charm, and goofy persona made her truly one of a kind.

I never fault anyone for retiring from wrestling, it is a demanding job with lousy pay (unless you make it to WWE or one of the few decent paying spots on TNA or ROH) and it takes a huge toll on your body over time. But I will miss following her just the same.

I wish her good luck in whatever path the future holds for her. I have a feeling the sky is the limit and she will be great in whatever she does next.


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Video Review – “Reggie Destroys Celeste”

“Reggie Destroys Celeste” from Fetish Adventures stars Celeste taking on Fetish Adventures resident heel and alpha male, Reggie. I am not real familiar with Celeste, but I do know from her limited work with Fetish Adventures and their sister company Domination Divas, that Celeste normally dominates men. Suffice it to say, it didn’t work out that way for her in this video.

While I may not be real familiar with Celeste, there is one thing I figured out right away. Celeste is mad hot, and seeing Reggie stretches and bend her sexy body was most definitely a sight to behold.

Celeste also sells very well, as she is convincing in her struggling and suffering at the hands of Reggie. This is a true one sided domination if ever there was some. Even Celeste brief moment in control at the beginning are laughed off by her bigger and stronger opponent. Celeste may be dominant in some of her other videos, but she is a natural born jobber. Playing the hapless and overwhelmed wrestler excellently.

Darrius always has fun with his female opponents when taking them out, but seemed in rare form even for him. Taunting and toying with her taking it to new heights. Putting her through one hold after another with ease. Make no mistake, this is not for fans who want to see a woman losing in a close competition. But fans of one sided squashes should find this right up their alley.

Fans of KOs will also likely enjoy this video, as we see Celeste knocked out multiple times by Reggie, before being revived only to be tormented some more.

This video was well lit and shot, as well as filmed like Fetish Adventures normally are. So no complaints there. All in all this is a quality video that fans of one sided mat wrestling matches should definitely enjoy.

The video has a run time of 18:12 and an asking price of 16.99 which is a good price for a video of that length at slightly less than most charge for that length of a fight.

Women Defeated - Celeste Women Defeated - Celeste Women Defeated - Celeste Women Defeated - Celeste Women Defeated - Celeste Women Defeated - Celeste



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Maledom At Mixed Wrestling Zone, Starring Odette Delacroix

Mixed Wrestling Zone seldom does true maledom matches at their site. But when they do delve into it they always look promising.

Case in point, their latest video starring Odette Delacroix. The video features poor Odette being dominated and put through the ringer by Jason. And if the preview clip is any indication, Odette sells like a champ.

This video does not appear to be available at their clips store so far. But can be viewed along with it seems their whole catalog  by joining their site.

Women Defeated - Odette Delacroix Women Defeated - Odette Delacroix Women Defeated - Odette Delacroix Women Defeated - Odette Delacroix



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Pics Of Frankie Zappitelli vs Duncan From STJ

As a lot of long time followers of my blog probably know I am a huge fan of Frankie Zappitelli. Easily one of my favorite wrestlers, she didn’t get ranked number 4 on this blogs list of “Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Female Jobbers” for nothing.

In fact, some may remember that once upon a time I even briefly did a fan blog for Frankie before Blogger stopped becoming a valid option for me personally to blog on.

So in that spirit I thought I would do something different for this post, and share a few pics I came recently from STJ of Frankie taking on Duncan.

Women Defeated - Frankie Zappitelli Women Defeated - Frankie Zappitelli Women Defeated - Frankie Zappitelli Women Defeated - Frankie Zappitelli Women Defeated - Frankie Zappitelli  Women Defeated - Frankie Zappitelli



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Allie Parker Defeated At Lucha Girls

Indy wrestler Allie Parker has recently come to Lucha Girls, and like many girls in Jezabel Romo’s site has not been afraid to go toe-to-toe with the guys. Unfortunately for Allie, it hasn’t been going to good for her in those matches so far.

First off in “Women Belong In the Kitchen – A Bad Dude Beatdown!” Allie takes on Tito Escondito. Like in the last Bad Dude Beatdown, Tito feels that a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

Allie begs to differ and aims to prove it. But unfortunately for Ali she has no more luck than Claudia Del Slois did last time. And Tito “puts her in her place” beating down and stretching her sexy fit body.

Women Defeated - Allie Parker



In the second video featuring Allie and Tito, “Make Your Own Damn Sandwich”, Allie goes looking for revenge.

I don’t know who won this encounter, the video description doesn’t say. But if the sample pics below and the sample clip on their store is any indication, if Allie got revenge it didn’t come easily.

Women Defeated - Allie Parker




Finally in “Attack of the Masked Puma”, Allie has a chance at another newcomer. The masked wrestler Masked Puma.

Like most masked men in mixed wrestling, Masked Puma wants nothing more than to torment and destroy his female opponents. Which is unfortunate for Allie.

Allie is a skilled wrestler and one day will have her day against a male opponent. But this match was clearly not it.

Women Defeated - Allie Parker



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Rosalie VS Mr. X At Angry Girls

For your viewing pleasure, here are some quick sample pics of a recent video from Angry Girls, featuring the drop dead gorgeous Rosalie taking on Angry Girls masked heel, Mr. X.

Rosalie is friends with another Angry Girls wrestler, Brad Baron. And apparently decides that the best way to start it to challenge the guy who has beaten down most of the girls of Angry Girls. Can’t say she doesn’t have guts.

Unfortunately, as the sample pics below will attest, those guts didn’t do her much good as she is dominated and destroyed the entire match.

Women Defeated - RosalieWomen Defeated - RosalieWomen Defeated - RosalieWomen Defeated - RosalieWomen Defeated - RosalieWomen Defeated - Rosalie



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Sample Pics From Barbarian Babes

Courtest of Barbarian Babes, their webmaster graciously sent me some pics to share with readers of Women Defeated.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of them Barbarian Babes is a website featuring artwork, and comics with strong powerful women being defeated and dominated. Their site even boast having video games with this them. I haven’t played them so can’t personally attest to the quality but the sample pics from the games do look good.

Years ago I ran a website with that theme simmilar to Women Defeated called “Powerful Women In Peril”. So that is  definitely a theme I can get behind.

Click below to see the sample pics. NSFW.

Continue reading »

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Video Review – “Bonnie-Belle VS Marquis”

Southern Wrestling Belles recently released their first ever mixed wrestling match to feature a man winning, “Bonnie-Belle vs Marquis”.

This video features the sexy Bonnie-Belle vs the fit Marquis in a back and forth wrestling match. And I do mean back and forth, this was definitely not a squash match.

The wrestling action is mostly solid. And told a great story of Bonnie trying, and failing, to rely on her skill to combat Marquis brute strength and brutality. With Bonnie applying several hold on Marquis and being countered with lots of punches and being picked up and thrown around the room.

Some of the moves were done lightly due to the match being on a sheet on the floor and not a mat. So as not to get hurt. And there were a lot of body and face punches delivered to Bonnie-Belle, and some to Marquis, but many weren’t the most convincing shots.

Bonnie-Belle howerver sold them for all they were worth. Looking amazingly hot on the defensive as well as the offensive.

As I said before, this was not a one sides squash. That isn’t a bad thing, and while I love mixed squashes it was actually refreshing to see some back and forth for once. Fans who like seeing a girl who gives it her all and still fails to come through should like this. But it won’t be to the taste of people who preffer more one sided affairs.

The video was well lit and shot, with the camera being where it needed to be each time. Although there was a brief moment where the picture lost focus, not not long enough to hurt the enjoyment of the match.

All in all a great video, and great first maledom video from Southern Wrestling Belles, here is hoping to more like that.

The video has a runtime of 10:47 and is being sold for $11.99.

Women Defeated - Bonnie Belle Women Defeated - Bonnie Belle Women Defeated - Bonnie Belle Women Defeated - Bonnie Belle Women Defeated - Bonnie Belle Women Defeated - Bonnie Belle




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