Hollywood Belly Punched and Ragdolled In “The Trap VII – Betrayal”

Hollywood’s usual luck against men in her videos seems to hold up in her latest mixed video, “The Trap VII – Betrayal”.

In it Hollywood’s employees Darrius and Duncan find Hollywood unconscious after a beating in a previous video. Although they initially try to wake her up, they eventually decide release their frustration on their bosses limp and helpless body would be better.

What follows is some ragdolling and belly punching action. Video doesn’t look for the faint of heart, but fans of ragdolling and belly punching might want to give it a look.

Women Defeated - Hollywood Women Defeated - Hollywood Women Defeated - Hollywood



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BN Da Supa Mark Gives Sparrow Summers A Q & A

A while back, my fellow blogger and video reviewer B.N. Da Supa Mark did a Q & A with Sleeperkid’s World star Sparrow Summers.

It covered a little bit of everything in it’s 25 minutes. So I thought since Sparrow Summers has been covered before on this blog, some of our readers might who haven’t seen the video might be interested in watching it.

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Video Review – “Bella And Demi Vs The Masked Mauler”

“Bella and Demi vs The Masked Mauler” from Femmix Wrestling is features two mixed matches on one video clip. As you can probably guess it is between new wrestlers Bella and Demi.

The first match features busty Bella, wrestling in a nightie against the cruel masked opponent. Like most of The Masked Mauler’s matches this is a complete one sided beatdown as Mauler destroys Bella.

A few nice moves are in here, including an over the shoulder back breaker, body scissors, sleeper hold, and more. Bella sells them fine but like most femmix matches is pretty quiet in her selling. Some grunting but not much else, which might disappoint people who prefer their jobbers being more vocal.

Bella is clearly inexperienced and I assume due to that the action moves kind of slow, a common trait on many femmix matches. But the girl is beautiful and looks great in defeat there is no doubt about that.

Bella’s match last 9 minutes, before moving on to Demi’s match with the mauler. As the gorgeous girl wearing a thonk one piece, that resembles a band aid more than a wrestling outfit looks for revenge for her friends defeat.

Demi is a bit better at selling the moves, and like Bella looks amazing. Femmix is known for having drop dead gorgous wrestlers and these two are no exception.

Some nice moves are done in this match as well with a full nelson and over the shoulder back breaker among them. Demi looks gorgeous in defeat just like her friend. Demi’s match runs a bit shorter at around 7 minutes.

While these matches aren’t really topless, both girls have plenty of wardrobe malfunctions due to their skimpy outfits. Demi in particular who’s outfit does little to cover her especially once the match starts.

This is not a bad vide, both girl are clearly inexperienced so this isn’t as fast paced as some other matches. But if you like seeing drop dead gorgous girls being dominated and humilated in a match, as most of our readers do, this should be a good video to watch.

This video has a run time of 16:49 and a price tag of $32.95.

(sample pics below courtesy of B.N. Da Supa Mark Reviews)

Women Defeated - Bella Women Defeated - Bella Women Defeated - Bella Women Defeated - Bella Women Defeated - Bella Women Defeated - Bella




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Mutiny Takes On C-Sar Grey

Mutiny is no stranger to losing, hence why she made it to the #1 spot of this blogs list of mixed wrestling women jobbers. But wrestler C-Sar is about to take it to a whole new level.

C-Sar is a very large and very aggressive wrestler. And as mutiny finds out in this match, at least as far as C-Sar is concerned chivalry is most definitely dead.

In his first match against mutiny he manhandles and tosses around poor Mutiny like never before. Luckily for us, but not so much for her, Mutiny is amazing in the jobber role. And sells this like a champ. Clearly giving the fans what they want, like she doe so well.

Mutiny’s site reports the big brute has filmed more matches against the unlucky girls of Mutiny Wrestling. So it looks like rough times are ahead for the sexy canadian beauties.

Women Defeated - Mutiny Women Defeated - Mutiny Women Defeated - Mutiny Women Defeated - Mutiny Women Defeated - Mutiny Women Defeated - Mutiny

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Viktoria Dominated At Angry Girls

Angry Girls has not put up and new matches in a while. But they seem to be back, and they came back strong.

Their latest video, “The Drug, the Bet, The Money pt1″ stars blonde bombshell Viktoria taking on Brad Baron. With an interesting premise to this maledom video.

Brad Barron challange Viktoria in a grappling match of 10 minutes.Who win will get 500 dollars.Viktoria accepts surely to win…. But Brad Barron drugs her with a dirty glass of water…… Viktoria will be dominated for 10 minutes…

  • Women Defeated - Viktoria



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Video Review – “Tiny vs The Tiniest” From Sleeperkid’s World

“Tiny vs The Tiniest” from Sleeperkid’s World has definitely been one of the most talked about videos in a while. Sleeperkid is not known for having a lot of men wrestling on his site, besides Sleeperkid himself. But he definitely found a memorable heel in Tiny.

This video featured Sleeperkid wrestlers Luna and Sparrow Summers taking on the giant of a man in Tiny. A huge guy with a WWE level physique who is already becoming a fan favorite with fans who appreciate matches where the guy wins. And it isn’t hard to see why.

Luna and Sparrow Summers, who as you can probably guess spend the entirety of the match being tossed around like the petite girls they are, are naturals for this video. Both making great hapless jobbers.

Both sell excellently as they are dominated, one at a time and together, by the larger monster. Both sell the moves well as they are manhandled by Tiny, and play the role of understandably scared wrestlers as well. Both girls are definitely at their best in this video, especially Sparrow who’s facial expressions are top notch.

Tiny plays his role of monster heel well. As he demolishes the girls with some nice moves. I have no idea who plays Tiny, but he seems to have had at least some pre-wrestling training which helps sell his credibility in this. Although given his size not much is needed. There is also some moves that make nice use of the fact a big man is taking out two petite opponents, most notable his lifting them both over his head, a double bearhug, and lifting both girls over his head in a gorilla press then turning it into a piledriver.

There are some instant replays in this video. Which as far as I know is a new thing for Sleeperkid’s World, but a nice idea and one he should consider using again (if he hasn’t already. I freely admit I have not seen every video he has put out).

There is also some commentary from Jacquelyn Velvets, who films the match, during the video. Personally I didn’t think it added much to it but obviously that is a matter of preference. Some fans I know have the opinion they would rather hear the battle without any extra sounds or commentary. But Jacquelyn’s are not real frequent (hardly someone talking non-stop) so most, even if it isn’t their thing, shouldn’t find it distracting.

The production values were good as usual. The lighting was great and the camera was always on point for where it needed to be. There is a brief moment around the 2:30 mark where someone off screen’s hand come into the shot, and another where the camera photographing the match can be seen. But bioth are so brief most probably missed them and they don’t hurt the quality of the video.

I highly recommend this match to our readers. In this genre most videos are not for everyone, as fans can be very particular about what they want. But for a blog like Women Defeated this should please most. Especially those who like to see smaller girls overwhelmed by a larger opponent as they don’t get much smaller than Luna and Sparrow Summers, and seldom every get anywhere close to as big as Tiny.

This video has a run time of 19:30 and a price of $17.99.

Women Defeated - Luna and Sparrow Summers Women Defeated - Luna and Sparrow Summers Women Defeated - Luna and Sparrow Summers Women Defeated - Luna and Sparrow Summers Women Defeated - Luna and Sparrow Summers Women Defeated - Luna and Sparrow Summers


Also, my fellow blogger B.N. Da Supa Mark has reviewed this video. You can check out his review by CLICKING HERE!

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Valerie, Remi, and Lil Loca Dominated At Fetish Adventures

Fetish Adventures has been realeasing quite a few maledom matches recently. So for this post will be giving you as rundown of the latest ones.

First off, Sexy blonde Valerie makes her way to Fetish Adventures. But all does not go well for her.

Vallerie pissed off Bob, and Bob is not taking it lying down. He fights her on the mats, and it is a time Valerie very likely regrets. (unless she wanted to be beaten down). Bob makes her cry out in pain as he tortures her with multiple painful wrestling holds. Humbling poor Valerie.

  • Women Defeated - Valerie



Up next Remi takes on Reggie. Reggie is looking for revenge on Remi for an earlier defeat. And he gets that revenge as he demolishes and dominated poor Remi.



And finally, Lil Loca takes on Bob in a topless mixed wrestling match. Lil Loca fresh off a victory thinks she is going to be dominating Bob. As the sample clip below shows, she thought wrong.



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Thunder Kittens At The Lucky 13 Saloon

A while back Thunder Kittens did a live show at the Lucky 13 Saloon in New York City. The show has since been recorded and is for sale on Video at Thunder Kittens site.

The card featured both fem vs fem and mixed matches, featuring wrestlers such as Krysten Nicole, Wrath, Fenris, Hellsfire and the one and only Dark Machine.

  • Women Defeated



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Miko VS Leonard At Double Trouble

Double Trouble Wrestling has done it again with another maledom mixed wrestling match. And for this video The Puma takes a rest and it is Leonard taking on porn star Miko Sinz. Miko puts up a valiant and heroic effort in this video, but it is all for not as Leonard torments and tortures poor Miko.

From Double Trouble…

Miko is such a beauty, we almost hate to see her go up against a male muscle man, yes while Leonard may not be taller than Miko he is defiantly stronger and out to prove it in this multi fall match. Miko comes out spunky was usual but soon our male is having his way with her as a clothesline stunns her and he body slams her to the mat, then over his shoulders the Asian beauty is thrown and soon he has her in the first of many long pins. Miko’s jet black hair flies with each savage throw and carry, her feminine body is stretched to the limit be it over his back or over his knee, and slammed be it with pile drivers or body slams. Poor Miko, she valiantly tries and even gets in some destructive kicks of her own but never enough to stop muscular Leonard – he just keeps destroying, over and over through all the falls, then adds the insult with long counting pins. Another mix of destruction !!!!!

Women Defeated - Miko Sinz


Some other mixed matches from Double Trouble featuring Miko include…

◊ 7 Up, 7 Down Part 1 and Part 2 - Melissa Jacobs, Cali Logan, Alyssa Reece, Lola Lynn, Celeste Star, Charlie Laine vs Puma and Darrius.
7 girl Mixed Match Part 1 and Part 2 – Emily Addison, Alyssa Reese, Celeste Star, Miko Sinz, Melissa Jacobs, Cali Logan, and Sinn Sage vs Leonard and Darrius.
◊ Leonard vs. Miko, Cali, Samantha & Emily Part 1 and Part 2 – Cali Logan, Emily Addison, Samantha Ryan, Miko Sinz vs Leonard.
◊ Miko, Cali, Karlie, Celeste vs. Peter Celeste Star, Cali Logan, Karlie Montana and Miko Sinz vs Peter.
◊ Puma 6 Pack 3 – Cali, Miko, Melissa – Cali Logan, Miko Sinz, and Melissa Jacobs vs Puma.


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Girls Wrestle Guys At Primal Fetish

Some of my readers often ask if there is a more sexual side of mixed wrestling and/or maledom than what I show. The truth is there is and while less common for the guys to win in these matches those exist too. The reason it gets less coverage her is largely because that stuff is more rare, especially where the guys win which is what this blog is all about.

However, one site with an abundance of sexual wrestling between guys and girls, where the guys sometimes win is Girls Grappling By Primal.

Primal Fetish features guys taking on girls in what is basically a sex fight and stars top adult stars such as Cheyenne Jewel and Tori Bel among others.

Again, they aren’t all where the man wins, not even sure half of them are so anyone specifically wanting the man to win would want to check out the description of the matches. But still worth checking out.

Some sample clips are below, but I want to warn everyone that they are most definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

More sample clips from Primal Fetish can be found by CLICKING HERE!

To visit Girls Grappling By Primal click the banner below

Women Defeated - Primal Fetish

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