Girls Wrestle Guys At Primal Fetish

Some of my readers often ask if there is a more sexual side of mixed wrestling and/or maledom than what I show. The truth is there is and while less common for the guys to win in these matches those exist too. The reason it gets less coverage her is largely because that stuff is more rare, especially where the guys win which is what this blog is all about.

However, one site with an abundance of sexual wrestling between guys and girls, where the guys sometimes win is Girls Grappling By Primal.

Primal Fetish features guys taking on girls in what is basically a sex fight and stars top adult stars such as Cheyenne Jewel and Tori Bel among others.

Again, they aren’t all where the man wins, not even sure half of them are so anyone specifically wanting the man to win would want to check out the description of the matches. But still worth checking out.

Some sample clips are below, but I want to warn everyone that they are most definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

More sample clips from Primal Fetish can be found by CLICKING HERE!

To visit Girls Grappling By Primal click the banner below

Women Defeated - Primal Fetish

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Jenelle Sinclair Stars in Mixed Carnage #12

The latest installment of the “Mixed Carnage” series featuring Jenelle Sinclair was just released from Ring Goddess.

Indy women’s wrestler Janelle Sinclair takes on Roger and for those not familiar with the series, as the name suggest “Mixed Carnage” features the women of Ring Goddess in squash matches against stronger, meaner, or simply more skilled male opponents.

Here is the description below.

The lovely and talented Jenelle heads to the ring in her best black pantyhose in this mixed bout with Roger.  See Jenelle endure such brutal holds as ab stretch, stomach claw, bear hug, back breaker, Dragon sleeper, low blows, figure 4 and more! Will time run out on Jenelle’s torture before the match time runs out?

And if you order it this 4th of July weekend it is now $10 as opposed to it’s usual $20 price as videos from Ring Goddess are on sale this weekend.

 Women Defeated - Jenelle Sinclair Women Defeated - Jenelle Sinclair Women Defeated - Jenelle Sinclair Women Defeated - Jenelle Sinclair Women Defeated - Jenelle Sinclair


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2 New Maledom Videos From Hit The Mat

Hit The Mat has 2 new maledome videos recently released, featuring two very popular veterans. One a POV boxing video featuring long time wrestler Jackson. And another from their vault featuring a competitive match between the legendary Pam Ward and Darrius.

Below are the brief descriptions courtesy of Hit The Mat and some sample clips of these two videos. Both of which look excellent.

From the vault, a fantasy mixed wrestling match from late 2009 featuring Pam Ward! This match is actually quite rough, with Pam ending up red from the exertion and pressure. Her fighting style and wrestling moves are very unorthodox, and Darrius has a hard time with her. She loves small manipulation, something usually banned from matches. Pam is somewhat distracted with her wardrobe (with Darrius near deftly removing her bra with his feet), and sometimes gives up the advantage to adjust herself. She should not take Darrius so lightly, as he uses this to his advantage to get back on top. Lots of back and forth, and some unconventional wrestling action, with several wardrobe malfunctions/nip slips!



Do you like jobbers? In this POV Boxing custom, Jackson “does the job” for you, becoming your own personal punching bag, and enjoying it! She has a masochistic flair and seems to be getting turned on by your punches and the touch of your gloves! Lots of looking over her knocked down, laid out form. By the middle she is nude, and so turned on from the beating that she will let “you” do whatever you want to her! If you’ve ever fantasized about having a lovely, masochistic woman at your mercy, this video is for you.

Lots of eye rolling, knockdowns, knockouts, punch drunk acting, belly punching, and nudity!





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Hollywood Defeated In Fighting And Superheroine Action

Hollywould Productions is at it again with a couple recent videos featuring Hollywood, as well as one with her fellow former GLOW girl Cheryl “Lightning” Rusa, in mixed fighting action.

First up is “The Brooch” Starring Hollywood and Cheryl. Cheryl, incedently is not in the sample pics but is in the video. It features them as guards, guarding a brooch being ambushed and beaten by a sneaky burglar. As well as some action between the two girls themselves. This should be a treat to GLOW fans, as well as any Hollywood fans of course.

Women Defeated - Hollywood Women Defeated - Hollywood


Also recently out, which looks awesome. Is the superheroine peril video (or more accurately super vVilainess peril video) “Slave Wonder Womyn: Evil Wonder Womyn Punished!”.

Wonder Womyn, played by Hollywood, has been turned evil by a villain. Her missions she has been sent out on by him have not had great success. So he decides to punish her for her failure.

If the sample video below is any indication, this video looks great.



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New Wrestler “Tiny” Takes Out Sparrow Summers and Luna

Sleeperkid’s World rarely brings in male wrestlers, beyond Sleeperkid himself. But when they make an exception, they make an exception.

Sleeperkid’s newest wrestler “Tiny” is obviously using that name ironically. This guy guy stands at 6’9″ and is a powerhouse if ever there was one. He takes on Luna and Sparrow Summers in a 2 on 1 handicap mach, and he should have given them time to find some more partners.

Tiny takes on the two petite grapplers who got a lot of heart, but maybe not enough sense for running for the hills upon seeing Tiny. As he dominates them with ease.

This most definitely looks like a video our readers will enjoy.




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Video Review – “Reggie Destroys Lil Loca” By Fetish Adventures

Petite cutie Lil Loca has had many wrestling matches, but against the guys she has always been cast as dominant. This latest match from Fetish Adventures changes that.

This is a match with some solid mat wrestling and even starts out with Reggie delivering an impressive body slam to Lil Loca, all be it while on his knees but it still looked good. In additon was plenty of impressive torturing submission holds on the hapless Lil Loca.

Lil Loca does great in the jobber role. Playing the helplessly over matches opponent to perfection. Her smaller size and innocent looks makes her a natural jobber and she sells it perfectly as Reggie reduces her to wimpering and crying as the match wears on.

Reggie to hi part plays the mean heel role excellently as always. Not much I can say about him that I haven’t already, but he is in his usual great form today. He stretches and taunts Lil Loca excellently playing a great heel to her jobber role.

This video is well shot and well lit throughout. The camera is in great position and all in all their usual quality filming. No complaints on the production end at all.

“Reggie Destroys Lil Loca” has a run time of 16:44 and a price of $15.99.

 Women Defeated - Lil Loca Women Defeated - Lil Loca Women Defeated - Lil Loca Women Defeated - Lil Loca Women Defeated - Lil Loca Women Defeated - Lil Loca


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Overview For The Week Of 6/15/15 to 6/21/15

Welcome Women Defeated readers. Here is another overview for what happened on the blog this week.


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Becca, Carrie, and Jackson Defeated At Mixed Wrestling Fantasies

Mixed Wrestling Fantasies has semi-recently put up three mixed wrestling videos, starring names such as Carrie, Becca, and Jackson.

“A Night Out” features blonde bombshells Becca and Carrie in multiple KO’s and over the shoulder carries. Carry videos have honestly never been my thing, but plenty of fans of it out there and they should enjoy this video.

 Women Defeated - Becca and CarrieWomen Defeated - Becca and CarrieWomen Defeated - Becca and Carrie Women Defeated - Becca and Carrie


“Wrestling A Nice School Girl” is pretty much what the names says. A school girl decides to try her luck at wrestling. It doesn’t go well for her.

Women Defeated Women Defeated Women Defeated Women Defeated


Finally is “Wrestling Jackson: Part One” (part 2 apparently isn’t out yet). Which features the long time wrestler Jackson in mixed wrestling action.

Women Defeated - Jackson Women Defeated - Jackson Women Defeated - Jackson Women Defeated - Jackson


Also on Mixed Wrestling Fantasies are some competitive videos. Competitive in they have the guy and girls both getting their licks in. Not as in the match isn’t staged.

Their recent back features videos with talents like Carrie, Kyoko, Sasha Fae and Leann. To see them, as well as their femdom videos CLICK HERE!

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AJ Lee In Intergender Wrestling

I have held off mentioning these videos, since they technically aren’t on topic. But I decided what the heck.

A while back I tweeted a little “complaint” mostly tongue in cheek…

AJ Lee Tweet

And a reader of this blog quickly pointed out that while not in WWE it turns out there are some intergender matches out there starring AJ Lee. Or more specifically they feature her in action in her pre-WWE persona Miss April.

The website ClickWrestle features three different matches from an indy “king and queen of the ring” tournament that featre AJ/Miss April teaming up with Jay Lethal in intergender wrestling action.

Like most tag-team intergender matches the action is not all guy vs girl, or in fact isn’t mostly guy vs girl. But there is plenty of action featuring AJ taking on the guys in the ring in the videos. And given the possiblity this might be the only time fans will have the chance to see her in intergender wrestling action, I thought I would share them here.

I want to clarify that I have never dealt with ClickWrestle before and as far as I have heard no one has had any problems with them. But obviously it’s you guys money so make your decisions accordingly.

The direct links to the three matches in question are listed below. Each also contains a sample video of the match.

Jay Lethal and Miss April vs Danny Demanto and Jana

Jay Lethal and Miss April vs Bison Brovado and Annie Social

Jay Lethal and Miss April vs Helter Skelter and Trixxie Lynn




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Recent Sleeperkid’s World Videos Starring Gia Primo and Ryan

Sleeperkid’s World is at it again with their usual brand of maledom. This time starring two very special girls in the beautiful Ryan from Fem Wrestling Rooms, and the lovely Gia Priom.

First off in Ryan vs The Machine, Ryan is seen talking a lot of smack about the wrestlers at Sleeperkid’s World. She challenges anyone to come in and take her, and she may regret not being more specific. For her opponent is none other than the brutal Machine.

The Machine then proceeds to take the poor Ryan apart with a thorough and humiliating beatdown.

Women Defeated - Ryan vs The MachineCLICK HERE TO ORDER “RYAN VS THE MACHINE”


And then next the legendary Gia Primo takes on The Machine. Gia is small but she is tough and scrappy. So she usually comes out on top in her matches even against male opponents.

But this is not her day, as she instead is treated to a brutal one sided belly beating from her merciless opponent.



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