Lexi Belle and Misty Stone Are Beaten By The Billionaire

Something a bit different this week as I make a rare visit to the world of superheroine peril action from Superheroine World.

Superheroine Word rub  by Paris Kennedy and Alex Bettinger, is easily one of the best sites for well produced and sexy heroine peril videos. Most often it features the heroines at the mercy of equally sexy vileness.

But with their latest release “Beaten By The Billionaire” porn stars Misty Stone and Lexi Belle take over the roles as Angel Hawke and Demon Hawke (characters originally played by Eden Wells and Natalie Minx) find themselves defeated and humiliated by evil millionaire Randall Blake, played by adult film star Tommy Pistol.

I have not seen this video. But while some might find Superheroine World’s videos more sexually explicit than a lot of others (although less than some others too), they always deliver on good production values and performances. Not to mention some of the hottest women around to play the heroines. So if you are a fan of superheroine peril, or maledom, this video should not disappoint.

Women Defeated - Lexi Belle and Misty StoneWomen Defeated - Lexi Belle and Misty Stone



You can also find a more detailed description of this video at Heroine Movies by CLICKING HERE!


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Danielle Trixie and The Puma Face Off Again

Danielle Trixie and The Puma have faced off many times now at Double Trouble. You can read about some of their other battles covered by Women Defeated by clicking HERE and HERE.

Their “epic rivalry” continues in Double Trouble’s latest mixed wrestling release.

Danielle played the Puma’s manager and is upset that her client hasn’t been winning lately. Considering The Puma’s usual dominant wins I can only assume this is set in some kind of parallel universe.

Danielle’s character has seemingly had enough and decides to take it out on him in the ring. She manages to best the big cat on the first match, but Puma demands two more falls and dominated Danielle the second time. Who wins the final round? It doesn’t say so who am I to spoil it? But either way it should be an epic match from these two great performers.

Women Defeated - Danielle Trixie



For more mixed wrestling matches from Double Trouble CLICK HERE!

For more more matches from Double Trouble featuring Danielle Trixie CLICK HERE!


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Video Review – “Far Beyond Driven 37″ Starring Jessie Belle

For this video review, I am reviewing “Far Beyond Driven 37″ from Sleeperkid’s World. Which stars none other than one of my all time favorites, Jessie Belle.

For anyone not familiar, the “Far Beyond Driven” series of videos features, as you might guess from the name, normally one sided matches with an emphasis on pile drivers being used. This time it is the lovely and telented Jessie Belle receiving the pile drivers.

I will get the obvious out of the way, this is clearly a video that would most appeal to fans of pile drivers. Which I have learned, especially since I started my blog, there are a lot of. This video will not disappoint in that regard. For as you would expect that are many, many pile drivers delivered to poor Jessie Belle. Who sells them like the pro she is.

But take heart for the non-pile driver fans, for there is plenty of other good stuff in this. Including boston crabs, belly punching, figure four leg locks, and sleeper holds among other moves. This video also includes lots and lots of knockouts and pins, many of them quite humiliating.

Jessie Belle is almost incapable of doing a bad video, and she shines when she is a jobber. But I think this might be one of her best performances yet. Jessie has her usual fun southern charm on in the brief moments she isn’t being decimated, and she sells excellently looking great while doing it the whole time.

Sleeperkid, for his part as usual plays the great heel role. Playing the role of someone who enjoys defeating and humiliating his opponent the whole time.

As usual with Sleeperkid’s videos has his usual excellent production values. With great lighting, sound and a clear picture with the camera always in good position to view the moves.

All in all this is an excellent video and while it will appeal the most to pile driver fans, fans of Jessie Belle, or even just quality mixed squash matches should enjoy this one tremendously.

This video has a run time of 16:35 and is being sold for $14.99.

Women Defeated - Jessie Belle Women Defeated - Jessie Belle Women Defeated - Jessie Belle Women Defeated - Jessie Belle Women Defeated - Jessie Belle Women Defeated - Jessie Belle




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Tessa Blanchard Faces ReggaeDones At NEFW

New England Female Wrestling has released a new intergender wrestling match, starring Tessa Blanchard. The daughter of the legendary pro-wrestler Tully Blanchard.

Tessa may be a trained wrestler with a lot of heart and determination. But unfortunately, she proved a little nieve in this match it seems. After being tricked into leaving herself open for a cheap shot by ReggaeDones.

Tessa is never able to recover, and suffers a complete one sided beatdown by her bigger and stronger foe. Hopefully she learned a lesson in being too trusting.

Women Defeated - Tessa BlanchardWomen Defeated - Tessa Blanchard  Women Defeated - Tessa Blanchard Women Defeated - Tessa Blanchard Women Defeated - Tessa Blanchard Women Defeated - Tessa Blanchard




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Hellena Heavenly, Kimberly, and Serena Defeated By The Masked Mauler

The masked Mauler is at it again at FemmixWrestling. And he has taken Kimberly, Serena and pro-wrestler Hellena Heavenly as his latest victims… I mean opponents.

First off The Mauler takes on pro-wrestler Hellena Heavenly not once, not twice, but three times. Helena tries her best but the experienced grappler is humbled thrice in this series of videos. Even wrestling her out of the swimsuit she was wrestling in, good thing for her she wore a bra underneath it.

Women Defeated - Hellena HeavenlyWomen Defeated - Hellena Heavenly Women Defeated - Hellena HeavenlyWomen Defeated - Hellena Heavenly





Up next Kimberly takes on the Masked Mauler once more, hoping the third time is the charm. It isn’t.

This match is shot POV style, with you getting a view from the Makes Mauler’s point of view. Kimberly also chose very poorly in her wardrobe, as she seems unable to stay in place. Cause multiple “wardrobe malfunctions” which also add to the humiliation.

Maybe 4 times is the charm?

Women Defeated - Kimberly Women Defeated - Kimberly



Finally, cute blonde Serena takes on The Masked Mauler.

Serena plans to be the one to change The Masked Maulers reign of terror. Don’t know what caused her to be so confident. But as the video shows, her confidence is misplaced.

Women Defeated - SerenaWomen Defeated - Serena




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Video Review – “Goldie Loxx VS Kurt”

“Goldie Loxx vs Kurt” is the latest mixed wrestling match from Southern Wrestling Belles. In Kurt’s previous match he took sexy wrestler Bonnie-Belle. This time Kurt faces off against Bonnie’s motherm Goldie Loxx. Clearly good looks and killer bodies run in the family.

Like Southern Wrestling Belle’s other mixed wrestling videos, this one tells a story of the male wrestlers brute strength taking on the female wrestlers more apt wrestling skill. As Kurt gets out of most of the holds he is in with punches and brute force, while Goldie Loxx fights a more fair wrestling match.

The action in this is back and forth with both giving and taking their fair share of punishment. Goldie looks amazing selling her moves and does a good job of it. Although both her and Kurt do have some times where after taking multiple punches to the face they turn around and get immediately back up. But by and large both sell well when on the receiving end, and perform the moves well when on the offensive.

The video was well shot and lit, and the camera was mostly where it needed to be. There was one point where the picture went out of focus, but it only lasted a couple seconds. Compared so some of the poorly lit and filmed wrestling videos that were out there it was a minor flaw, and we all know that these are not major motions pictures they are shooting. But felt it was worth mentioning. It shouldn’t detract from the enjoyment of the video overall.

All in all a good movie and a great performance. Like her daughter Goldie Loxx is a natural born jobber.

The video has a runtime of 10:21 and a price of 12.00.

Women Defeated - Goldie Loxx Women Defeated - Goldie Loxx Women Defeated - Goldie Loxx Women Defeated - Goldie Loxx Women Defeated - Goldie Loxx Women Defeated - Goldie Loxx



And to see a review of another video featuring Goldie Loxx’s daughter Bonnie-Belle CLICK HERE!


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A Quick Look At Kayla’s Eternal Dream

I was made aware of the clip store Kayla’s Eternal Dream a while back, so I thought I would share it with the readers of Women Defeated.The store stars petitite cutie Kayla and features her in various forms of KO’s and other distress, among other things.

The videos that will be of particular interest to fans of Women Defeated is collection of mixed wrestling and fighting videos. Most of which feature Kayla dominated, defeated, and knocked out.

The store is definitely an adult store as most, but not all, of the battles feature Kayla fighting in the nude. But for people who don’t object to that Kayla is a cutie and sells well, as well as looking great being knocked out. At least based on the sample pics and video clips I have seen. Haven’t had a chance to purchase on of her videos yet.

Anyone who likes maledom, and especially knockouts would definitely want to give this store a look at the very least.

Women Defeated - Kayla Obey Women Defeated - Kayla Obey Women Defeated - Kayla Obey Women Defeated - Kayla Obey Women Defeated - Kayla ObeyWomen Defeated - Kayla Obey



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Mr. X Dominates Viktoria At Angry Girls

Angry Girls has released a video that features one of my favorite themes. A normally dominant wrestler getting humbled and dominated.

The hot blonde Viktoria almost always wins her matches and has always dominated guys when taking them on. So clearly it was that confidence that let her challenge their resident masked monster Mr. X.

Lets just say that like The Undertaker, the streak ended there that night. As Mr. X dominates Viktoria and humbles the cocky blonde. This definitely looks like one worth checking out. And if the pics are any indication the usually dominant Viktoria looks just as at home assuming the jobber role.

Women Defeated - Victoria Women Defeated - Victoria Women Defeated - Victoria Women Defeated - Victoria Women Defeated - Victoria Women Defeated - Victoria



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J.C. Marie VS Puma At Double Trouble

The Puma, the masked lady killer of Double Trouble has been quiet lately. Unfortunately for JC Marie it didn’t last.

This latest mixed wrestling video features the Puma once more taking on the gorgeous blonde JC Marie. JC tries to put up a good fight and apparently does for a while. But The Puma makes her pay for it with some of his usual punishment to his female opponent.

I would have thought she would have learned the last time she took him on. But apparently not. For her own sake, she better not decide that the third times the charm.

Women Defeated - JC Marie






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Peyton Sin Claire, Andromeda, Layla, Natalia, and Tsunami Defeated

Dark Machine has recently been continuing his reign of destruction on the girls of Thunder Kittens recently. And it looks like he has found a whole new batch of girls to feel his wrath.

First up Dark Machine takes on porn star Peyton Sin Claire. Her hot tatooed body might give you the impression she can handle herself. But you would be wrong, at least with this match. As Dark Machine destroys and dominates poor Peyton.

Up next is a video featuring three matches where Dark Machine takes on three newcomers, Andromeda, Layla, Natalia

The description doesn’t give the final outcome to these matches. But based on the sample video below, it looks like some definite back and forth action for each.

Dark Machine then takes on the purple haired Fenris. Who first makes an example out of Andromeda, then goes after the man monster.

From the looks of it she gives him all he can handle and maybe a little too much more.

Dark Machen takes on the sexy blonde Russian Sabrina next. After receiving a double choke slam from two other Thunder Kittens, Dark Machine finds her and helps her up.

But it seems no good deed goes unpunished as she then takes a cheap shot at him, and the fight is on.

And finally Tsunami takes on Dark Machine in her tryout match. I don’t know who wins, but I know she give shim all he can handle. But as the sample pic shows, he returns the favor. Also in this video is a second match featuring Fenris vs Layla.

Women Defeated - Tsunami




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