Hollywood And Sandy Vs 2 Males At Steel Kittens

Steel Kittens blog recently brought to my attention a match I somehow missed in the past, and shame on me for that for sure. “Oil Change” features legendary wrestlers Sandy and Hollywood, the latter rated as one of Women Defeated’s Top 10 Mixed Wrestling Women Jobbers, taking on two males in Chuck and Tony.

I have not seen the video and the description does not say which team was the ultimate winner of the match. But the 2 out of 3 falls oil wrestling match match goes down to the third fall meaning that the guys win at least once and clearly give the girls all they can handle, maybe more.

And as the sample pics below show, they both look damn good being taken to their limits. Although that is hardly a surprise. Definitely a match fans of this blog might want to look into.


Women Defeated - Sandy and Hollywood Women Defeated - Sandy and Hollywood Women Defeated - Sandy and Hollywood



You can also see their blog post about this match by CLICKING HERE!


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Carrie Meets The Kid At Sleeperkid’s World

The latest mixed wrestling video from Sleeperkid’s World is a good one indeed. It pits The Kid himself, Sleeperkid taking on fan favorite and insanely sexy Carrie, from Fem Wrestling Rooms.

Fans of Fem Wrestling Rooms will know that Carrie despite being cute is also tough and fiesty. And she takes control early on giving The Kid a run for his money. But between Sleeperkid’s experience and his track record against female opponents… well, I think most can guess how this ultimately turns out.

This video promises multiple KO’s and a large selection of knockout and submission wrestling holds. Most of them applied to poor Carrie, who is a great seller. Aside form also being insanely sexy. In case I didn’t make that clear enough. Because it can’t be understated.




For a review of this video from B.N. Da Supa Mark CLICK HERE!



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New Private Sessions Video From Ring Divas Starring Kiana

Ring Divas has released the latest installment of their long running “Private Sessions” series. This time starring the sexy Kiana.

I have touched up on this series plenty of times before. So I won’t elaborate too much. But if you like the next best thing to being in the ring with one of the sexy girls of Ring Divas, then this series is definitely for you. And Kiana, well who wouldn’t like the idea of getting up close and personal with her.

POV wrestling videos are not for everyone, but Ring Divas does them better than anyone. Due mostly to their camera being mounted on the camera man’s head. Thus allowing for a lot more movement and better simulating a POV of an actual wrestling match. Then most who have to settle for the camera man having one hand tied up using the camera. Limiting to an extent what they can do.

Women Defeated - Kiana Women Defeated - Kiana Women Defeated - Kiana Women Defeated - Kiana Women Defeated - Kiana Women Defeated - Kiana



Other Videos from Ring Divas “Private Sessions Series”

Private Sessions Vol.1 – starring Lacey Von Erich
Private Sessions Vol.2 – starring Destiny Dumon
Private Sessions Vol.3 – Starring Cali Danger & Destiny Dumon
Private Sessions Vol.4 – Starring Madison Sex-Kitten
Private Sessions Vol.5 – Starring Cali Danger
Private Sessions Vol.6 – Starring Cali Danger & Destiny Dumon
Private Sessions Vol.7 – Starring Destiny Dumon
Private Sessions Vol.8 – Starring Cali Danger
Private Sessions Vol.9 – Starring Teen Summer
Private Sessions Vol.10 – Starring Destiny Dumon
Private Sessions Vol.11 – Starring Empress Sayuri
Private Sessions Vol.12 – Starring Cali Danger and Madison Sex-Kitten
Private Sessions Vol.13 – Starring Teen Summer
Private Sessions Vol.14 – Starring Skylar Phoenix
Ultimate Low Blows Vol.18 Private Sessions Ed- Starring Cali Danger and Madison Sex-Kitten
Private Sessions Vol.15 – Starring Destiny Dumon
Private Sessions Vol.16 – Starring Tessa Blanchard
Private Sessions Vol.17 – Starring Teen Summer
Private Sessions Vol.18 – Starring Tessa Blanchard
Private Sessions Vol.19 – Starring Madison Sex-Kitten
Private Sessions Vol.20 – Starring Cammy



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Sybil Starr Launches Manhandled Productions

Sybil Starr has gotten big time into the maledom wrestling scene with her new company “Manhandled Productions“.

Like it’s name would imply, Manhandled Prouctions features mixed wrestling and fighting battles where the man comes out on top. Starring some favorites of Sybil Starr productions such as Sin-D, Tomiko, Peyton, and Sybil Starr herself.

While they don’t have a huge library due to just starting out, here are the some of the videos available from them so far.

Greco Roman Bear Hug

CJ traps Sybil in a bear hug. Making her submit over and over and slowly taking the will out of the poor blonde.




Sybil is having trouble sleeping. So CJ helps her in the only way he knows how. By delivering Sleeperholds and other knockout moves onto her. What a pal he is.





Pile Drive Her

Sybil Starr finds out that her boyfriend CJ has been messing around with two other girls. Sin-D and Lia. To prove her devotion to Sybil, CJ piled drives bother other girls.

And in a personal note as the clip shows. I just got to add that Sin-D is both hilarious and awesome. I love that girl.




Sybil thinks she is coming in for a scissor session. But it turns out she is actually there to see CJ’s famous bear trap. Which leads to poor Sybil being trapped in his scissors.




Broken Hearts

Sybil Starr and CJ are having a wrestling match on the bed. Unfortunately for Sybil she quickly finds herself subject to multiple heart punches. Sending her down and out.



MH Productions


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Video Review – “Bob Destroys Mutiny” from Fetish Adventures

Fetish adventures recent video “Bob Destroys Mutiny” features my personal favorite wrestler, and #1 in this blogs top female jobbers, Mutiny. So that right there is already a big plus.

This video waste no time and gets right to the action. And that action is seeing Bob get revenge on Mutiny for an earlier beating. Let’s just say Mutiny learns what happens when you let a win make you cocky.

The action in this video is very good with some genuine ameture wrestling holds mixed into some more cruel punishment to poor mutiny. Mutiny’s sexy body is stretched and bent in plenty of uncomfortable positions throughout the match.

Mutiny, as any of her fans knows, is an amazing jobber. And this video is no exception as she does her best at selling being beaten down. Mixing pained reactions with frustration at not being able to gain control. She shows in this video why she made out #1 jobber list for sure.

Although there is no sex this video is more on the fetish side than some wrestling videos. With Mutiny wrestling topless and also being bound for further punishment about halfway through the video. Neither of these are bad things, but obviously some who prefer their wrestling videos a bit more tame might want to take these things into account.

The one drawback to this video is that more than once, especially near the beginning the camera man tends to have some kind of problem with the focus and the picture gets blurry. All of the are fairly brief, but it is noticeable. Probably not enough to ruin someones enjoyment of the video, but definitely not as good a video quality as their other recent videos.

In general this is a good video. The problems with the camera keep it from being as good as it could, but if you can get past the slight camera issues this is a good video featuring one of the best on the scene doing what she excels at.

This video has a run time of 15:45 and is priced at $15.99.

Women Defeated - Mutiny Women Defeated - Mutiny Women Defeated - Mutiny Women Defeated - Mutiny Women Defeated - Mutiny Women Defeated - Mutiny




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New Streaming Service The Maiden Network Offers Streaming Action With Female Leads

I am going slightly off of this blogs usual subject with this post. But as some of you regular readers may know my one love besides wrestling videos is superheroine videos. And there is a new streaming service called The Maiden Network that offers both to you.

Maiden Network which run in the new year with a January 1st launch is a new streaming network, simmilar to Netflix, which focuses on action movies and series with female protagonist. It has a small library so far but shows a lot of promise.

They debuted with the new movie Athena, Goddes of war. A superheroine action film exclusively available on Maiden Network. It is an indy film but if the trailer is any indication they spent some money on it for sure. As it looks awesome.

They also offer a selection of movies. Among them are the movies Blood Slayer and Inara, The Jungle Girl (previously available on Ring Divas) as well as a selection of grindhouse and old cult movies. Such as “Ilsa, She Wold of the SS”, “Wild Women of Wongo” and “Women’s Prison Massacre”.

They also have several series. They include “True Heroines” a series about a trio of 50’s housewives with super powers trying to evade government capture, “Clutch” an adult thriller about a theif avoiding capture from organized crime, the superheroine series “Party Girl” and “Teen Champion” a reality series about Ring Divas champion Cali Danger.

As well as the movies and TV series their service also offers a small number of online superheroine comic books, currently mostly comics from the Golden Age (I.E. pre 1953). Some audio books are also available there.

Membership is $14.95 a month, as well as $9.99 a month with a six month commitment (which is billed as 54.94  every six months).

However, they also offer a membeship for 24.95 a month which includes all the content from their main service in aditon to a fitness and sports section. This section includes online copies of “Maiden Fitness Magazine” but what is probably the best feature of the site (at least to fans of this blog) a selection of Ring Divas PPV’s. It only has 8 so far but these are recent ones from 2014 and feature wrestlers such as Cali Danger, Destiny Dumon and Tessa Blanchard. In addition the 2 episodes produced of “Lingerie Wrestling League” are also available for streaming.

While this is obviously a lot more than Netflix. The movies and TV shows on their site available on Ring Divas alone are a lot more. So if you are a fan, or even just interested in some of the movies or PPV’s you saw on Ring Divas then this would seem like it would be worth checking out.

The service is available on their website and can also be viewed on a Roku streaming device. And I want to say as a Roku owner, with or without the Maiden Network, everyone should consider owning a Roku. I bought one over a year ago and it was without a doubt the best 100 bucks I ever spent.

If viewed on the Roku you can also get a sample of what they offer for free. As they have a free streaming area of their Roku channel. It offers some of their movies and TV series in a live stream pretty much in the same format as a TV station. The streaming channel is obviously limited as you have to be watching it live (no on demand and no pausing, rewinding or fast forwarding. It basically runs like a cable channel) and offers only selected shows that you have to be vieweing at the specific time they air.  But I have had no problems with the streaming when I watched it. There are limited commercials, but like network TV that is the price you pay for free programming. And the commercials are very short when they do come on.

The selection so far is fairly limites. While they do boast over 75 hours of videos that obviously is not as many as Netflix or Hulu. But it is an ambitious project which promises more content to be added regularly, and for fans of superheroines, action movies with female leads, or Ring Divas wrestling this definitely looks worth checking out.

If you would like to see more about Maiden Network you can click the link below to visit their site.



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Newcomer Drea takes on Dark Machine

Women Defeated - Drea DominiqueDark Machine, Thunder Kittens resident masked heel is once again taking on a newcomer. This time in the form of the beautiful and petite Drea Dominique.

Drea may be cute, and she may be inexperienced. But as Thunder Kittens fans know, Dark Machine has no mercy. And he doesn’t show any to poor Drea. Delivering a series of painful holds and brutal blows to the dark beauty.

Drea is no pushover and despite giving up a huge size different manages to give the man-monster some trouble. But I think we all know how it works out for her in the end.



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Prinzzess Takes On Puma At Double Trouble

Double Trouble is at it again with another mixed wrestling match starring everyone’s favorite lady killer The Puma. Or if not everyones at least all Double Trouble fans favorite lady killer.

Prinzzess is The Puma’s new manager but it seems the two are having differences. In typical fight video fashion there is only one way to settle this dispute. With a one on one battle! Never mind Prinzzess is in a dress and heels for the fight.

The sexy porn star Prinzzess has the refferee in her pocket and would seem to have the upper hand. And for a while she does, but she eventually crosses the referee and ends up in 2 on 1 action.

And in that scenario, things end up much worse for poor Prinzzess.

Women Defeated - Prinzzess



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Video Review – “The Assassination Of Allie Parker” from Lucha Girls

“The Assassination Of Allie Parker” from Lucha Girls features indy wrestler Allie Parker (who also once graced WWE Television as a Rosebud) taking on The Masked Man in a match that promises to feature her taking her first piledriver. I can’t personally speak for if she ever took a piledriver before. But they definitely deliver on the pile drivers part.

This video is a textbook mean heel vs cute jobber match. With The Masked Man dominating and beating down Allie Parker throughout the match. And true to their word poor Allie takes not one, but several piledrivers.

Both wrestlers played their role well with Allie playing the smiling heel (well, up until the beatdown) excellently and The Masked Man making an excellent heel. The wrestling was also excellent, like all Lucha Girls videos benefitting from having two trained indy wrestlers in their video. Delivering well executed moves and some excellent selling from Allie.  She really is a beautiful jobber.

The production values were solid with the camera where it needed to be and the video well lit. It was actually better lit than ever which was a definite plus. The one flaw production wise wasn’t with anything in the match, but another wrestler was laying on the mat outside the ring stretching out. Which was slightly distracting at times. There was also a couple brief moments where the camera came out of focus. Neither were deal breakers, at least not to me. But felt they should be worth mentioning.

All in all another solid video from Lucha Girls. Doing what they do best in delivering an entertaining match with two competent and trained wrestlers.

“The Assassination Of Allie Parker” has a run time of 6:52 and a price of $9.99.

Women Defeated - Allie Parker Women Defeated - Allie Parker Women Defeated - Allie Parker Women Defeated - Allie Parker Women Defeated - Allie Parker Women Defeated - Allie Parker



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Celeste Defeated In POV Boxing

I am a bit late bringing this video from Hit The Mat to everyone’s attention. But since it is Boxing Day today, it seems like the perfect time to bring it up.

“Celeste Topless POV Boxing Beating” is the latest POV Boxing video from Hit The Mat, featuring Celeste taking on “You”. And while this is your second battle with Celeste, it seems unlike last time Celeste is going down… hard.

You batter Celeste with blows to her chin, crotch, breast and belly, delivering a lot of pain. Lucky for her she almost seems to like it. Which is probably good since you don’t seem intent on letting up on her.

Women Defeated - Celeste



You can also read a review of this video from Bn Da Supa Mark by CLICKING HERE!


And while you are at it, here are a few more good mixed boxing videos from Hit The Mat.

Anni Cruz POV Boxing Pt. 1 (Loss) starring Annie Cruz
Ariel X POV Boxing Starring Ariel X
Lucky O’Shea Beat Down POV Boxing starring Lucky O’Shea
Maria Garcia Boxing Rematch starring Maria Garcia
Misty Stone Topless POV Boxing starring Misty Stone
Jennifer Thomas vs Duncan Boxing starring Jennifer Thomas
Sinn Sage vs Darrius Boxing 2 starring Sinn Sage
Boxing Gloved Beatdown of Hollywood starring Hollywood
Kymberly vs Darrius Mixed Boxing starring Kymberly Jane

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