Video Review: “Brawny Brutal Lads And Little Lasses”

“Brawny Brutal Lads and Little Lasses” from Ring Goddess is very much what it says it is. A match with two huge male wrestlers played by Ryan Reeves and Turk Selik taking on their much smaller, and much cuter, foes Tracy Taylor and Amanda Ruffin.

This is a one sided squash to it’s fullest, as Tracy and Amanda barring some VERY brief offence spend the match getting pounded and streched out by their opponents. Very similar to when these same 2 guys took on Helena Heavenly and Josie in a similar premise which I also reviewed.

All 4 performers were great. The girls did a great job playing intimidated and overwhelmed faces, and sold excellently. And Amanda especially was her usual fun goofy self. Turn and Reeves for their part played the merciless bullies to perfection.

The wrestling was solid as all 4 are full on trained pro-wrestlers. Which showed in the action which complete with a referee gave it a very WWE or TNA feel. Minus the large crowd of course. (And yes, I use “large crowd” generously when mentioning TNA, but you all get my point.)

The video wasn’t without some very minor flaws. The most notable is the picture quality. While not bad, the lighting wasn’t great. You could see the action well, and it was filmed great as far as the camera always being where it needed to to get the action. But it did give the video a slightly grainy look. It didn’t take away from the enjoyment at all, at least for me, these things aren’t made by Hollywood and so no one should expect that level of production values. But some used to the more crisp and clear look of some matches filmed in a studio these days will see the difference.

The only other flaw with this is the ring noise. Specifically like all wrestling rings, every move everyone makes makes a loud noise, causing plenty of banging from the ring mat someone falls or even really runs on it. This isn’t their fault, anything filmed in a wrestling ring is going to cause that problem. The Rings are designed to make a lot of noise like that. So it isn’t really a negative, but was worth mentioning.

All in all this is a great video for anyone wanting true pro-style wrestling in a ring for their mixed wrestling videos. Good wrestling, good performance, and 2 cute and convincing jobbers, makes for a fun and entertaining video.

The video has a run time of 16:26 and a price of $16.

Women Defeated - Tracy Taylor and Amanda Ruffen Women Defeated - Tracy Taylor and Amanda Ruffen Women Defeated - Tracy Taylor and Amanda Ruffen Women Defeated - Tracy Taylor and Amanda RuffenWomen Defeated - Tracy Taylor and Amanda RuffenWomen Defeated - Tracy Taylor and Amanda Ruffen




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Diablo Dominates VeVe Lane

VeVe Lane is not a wrestler who loses often, to men or women and especially to men. Which means seeing her lose is even more of a treat. Something about a normally dominant wrestler losing just makes it better.

One male opponent who seems to have VeVe’s number, at least some of the time is the buff Diablo. Now don’t get me wrong Diablo has lost to Veve more than once, but he also has the distinction of holding multiple wins on her at Doom Maidens.

The first one worth mentioning, when gets mentioned first mostly because I located a sample clip from it. Is appropriately enough called “Dioblo Dominates” and features VeVe clad in spandex taking on Diablo. And it should be noted for someone who is not written to lose very often, VeVe makes an excellent jobber.



Other matches worth note that feature Diablo taking on VeVe Lane are “Shiny Mixed Pro-Style”. It features VeVe dominated in a one sided match against Diablo. With a claim that the video is filmed to emphasize VeVe’s pain. With a ton of pro-wrestling holds applied.

Women Defeated - VeVe Lane



And then there is “Panthose Pro-Style” which features VeVe clad in panyhose (as you might have guessed) taking on Diablo in a one sided squash match. And to be clear, Diablo is not the one getting squashed.

Women Defeated - VeVe Lane



Some other chances to see Diablo at his best over at Doom Maidens are listed below as well.

“Bondage Rvenge” which features Diablo tying up Indra while wrestling her.
“Diablo vs Lela Beryl” featuring Diablo taking on Lela Beryl in another “bondage match.
“Diablo Dominates Minxy Li” featuring Diablo taking on Miny Li and also covered on the blog.
“VeVe vs Ben AND Diablo” a 2 on 1 match also covered on this blog.

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Christina Carter Takes On Sleeperkid At Sleeperkid’s World

I am late mentioning this video. But it would be a crime not to mention this Sleeperkid’s World gem at all.

Recently Sleeperkid released a new mixed wrestling video starring himself and the one and only Christina Carter. Which featues Christina getting defeated by The Kidd in an apartment room battle.

Christina is easily one of my favorites (although I admit my favorite list can be kind of long). She is talented, sexy, skilled in wrestling and an amazingly toned body that makes it no wonder she has been on the scene a long time. And is still as great as ever.

I haven’t seen this video but Christina is great at selling and at playing the victim, as her fans know. She has done a lot of wrestling videos but few maledom ones. So this is a treat for anyone who is a fan of mixed wrestling I am sure.

(Click thumbnails for larger photos)
Women Defeated - Christina Carter Women Defeated - Christina Carter Women Defeated - Christina Carter Women Defeated - Christina Carter Women Defeated - Christina Carter Women Defeated - Christina Carter Women Defeated - Christina Carter Women Defeated - Christina Carter




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Victoria Dominated By The Mexican

KO Film Productions has some very sexy girls. Some of the hottest of any company if you go from top to bottom. But they seldom get mentioned on Women Defeated due to their almost always being femdom squash matches. Which while great are not what Women Defeated is about.

However they recently released a video starring the sexy Victoria that breaks their usual status quo.

“Victoria vs Mexican – Maledom” stars Victoria and masked heel The Mexican in a mat wrestling match. Victoria starts out strong in this one, but it doesn’t last as her arrogance pisses her off and he teaches the cocky blonde a lesson in humility.

As the sample clip below will show, Victoria plays the jobber role very well. And looks great doing it.

Women Defeated - Victoria Women Defeated - Victoria Women Defeated - Victoria Women Defeated - Victoria



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Kianna Stars In “Kianna’s Fight Night”

Kianna is back again at Hit The Mat, doing what she does best, jobbing and looking good while doing it.

In her newest video with HTM, Kianna takes on Darrius in “Kianna’s Fight Night”. Kianna challenge Darrius to a fight with a lot of confidence. Where she got it from is anyone’s guess. Because she seems to have forgotten she doesn’t know how to wrestle.

Luckily for her, Darrius reminds her. Be giving her a beatdown in a brutal wrestling match. Maybe her memory will start working.

Kianna is one of the hottest girls to wrestle at Hit The Mat, or hell anywhere. And she jobs beautifully. So fans of Kianna should give this one a look. And people who haven’t seen Kianna in action at Hit The Mat or Femmix Wrestling might definitely want to consider checking this one out.

Women Defeated - Kianna


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Maria Garcia Once More Defeated

Maria Garcia is a sexy and muscular fighter. You would think she would kick ass and take names. But over at Les Femmes Fatales she seems to be one of the few women who can’t catch a break against her male opponents.

A while back she did a maledom video from Les Femmes Fatales and she is at it again in their newest video up against buff male fighter Steve.

Steve is jalous of a girl with such a muscular and toned physique. So he decides to take it out on poor Maria and proceedes to take her down in a one sided battle. Maria never submits, which only makes him angrier and more inclined to hurt her more. So her pride might be working against her this time.

I am a big fan of normally strong women being dominated in matches, and being against a guy is a bonus given my obvious bias for maledom matches. So this is definitely one to take notice of.



 Women Defeated - Maria Garcia Women Defeated - Maria Garcia Women Defeated - Maria Garcia Women Defeated - Maria Garcia Women Defeated - Maria Garcia Women Defeated - Maria Garcia




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Orsi Defeated By Davide At DWW

DWW is known for producing competitive mixed matches, and usually for seeing the girls win. (which makes me wonder how truly competitive they are. Lets be honest, clearly the guys are told to hold back). However a reader of this blog brought one very nice exception to the rule that they put out a while back.

“DWW377 – Orsi vs Davide” was released by DWW and features cute blonde fan favorite Orsi taking on strong Davide. Orsi is no pushover in the match an gives her best effort. But Davide is just plan stronger and manages to manhandle Orsi throughout the match, defeating her soundly and without question who was the better fighter that night.

Not usually into competitive matches over scripted ones. But I won’t deny there is something really hot about seeing Orsi trying so hard, only to be bested with relative ease.

Women Defeated - Orsi Women Defeated - Orsi Women Defeated - Orsi Women Defeated - Orsi Women Defeated - Orsi Women Defeated - Orsi



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Sinn Sage And Celeste Star Are Looking To Create A New Webseries.

Blood Relations Sinn Sage Celeste Star

This is not really related to mixed wrestling. However Sinn Sage and Celeste Star, both of whom are active in the fantasy wrestling scene and have been mentioned on this blog before, are looking to create a new mainstream webseries.

It is about Vampires and promises to be sexy, which considering the stars of it shouldn’t be hard.

They are looking for funding through the crowd funding site Rocket Hub. So I thought any fans of Sinn and Celeste looking to support them might be interested.

The pitch video for the project is shown below.


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Dark Machine Defeats Wrath

Dark Machine is at it again.

Wrath is a new wrestler at Thunder Kittens. At 5’3″ this petite wrestler is anything but imposing. But for some reason she is confident she can take on the man monster, Dark Machine.

She can’t and Dark Machine does not seem to find her confidence amusing. So he proceeds to take down poor Wrath, destroying the tiny fighter and likely making her thing twice before trying again.



More videos available on their main page.



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New Mixed Wrestling Match From Double Trouble Starring Kymberly Jane

Double Trouble has released a new mixed wrestling match, starring sexy fan favorite Kymberly Jane. Of Hit The Mat, Paris Kennedy Productions and others, as well as Double Trouble.

This time she is taking on masked newcomer Grunt in a competitive match. Which according to Double Trouble means no hitting, kicking, biting, hair pulling and all that other stuff, also scissors were not allowed.

This is a more competitive match that a lot of their recent mixed matches, most notably featuring The Puma. It promises back and forth action and doesn’t mention the final winner. So this isn’t truly a “maledom” match. But still thought it should interest fans of mixed wrestling, as well as fans of Kymberly and there are a lot of those.

Women Defeated - Kymberly Jane



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