Video Review – “The Destruction Of Jade” from Southern Wrestling Belles

Southern Wrestling Belles newest video “The Destruction of Jade” features, as the name would imply, newcomer to SWB Jade taking on Marquis. Although despite what the name would imply, while Jade does no go home feeling like a winner (because she loses) this is not a completely one sided match, much like the other mixed matches from Southern Wrestling Belles.

First off Jade, she is a real cutie and looks great both when she is taking punishment and when she is dishing it out. She is clearly inexperienced, but definitely seems comfortable with what she is doing. Marquis also was great in his role as a heel as usual. Pulling off some good holds on poor jade and some good heel work especially in the end when Jade started to become overwhelmed. There was also a nice KO shot in the end, which fans of KOed endings should appreciate.

There were a few flaws, and to be honest I wasn’t as big a fan of this one as the other two mixed videos from SWB I have reviewed. While the match was solid some of the punches didn’t look especially convicing. Now to be fair, no producers that I have seen deliver truly convincing punches. These are not Hollywood stunt people and should not be held to that standard. But while both sold the punches well SWB would do well to work on trying to make them look a bit more realistic.

The other problem was technical. The video was well lit and mostly well filmed. But a few times the camera man wasn’t aiming the camera low enough to get a full view of Jade when she was on the receiving end. There were also a couple brief moments where the camera went out of focus. They were very brief, but some perfectionist might find them distracting.

None of this is to say this isn’t a good video. It was very good and I am hoping to see more of Jade, as she is a sexy wrestler who should only get better. Southern Wrestling Belle’s fans will not be disappointed. Now will fans of sexy jobbers, of which most Women Defeated readers are. But to some wanting a first taste, while this would not leave a bad impression they might do better to try one of their other videos first.

“The Destruction of Jade” has a run time of 10:13 and is sold for $12.00.

Women Defeated - Jade Women Defeated - Jade Women Defeated - Jade Women Defeated - Jade Women Defeated - Jade Women Defeated - Jade



And click below for my other two reviews of SWB videos…




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Allie Parker Defeated By A Masked Man

It seems Allie Parker never learns.

In her newest video from Lucha Girls, Allie takes on a masked opponent. She goes to shake his hand in a show of good sportsmanship and anyone who has seen Lucha Girls, or wrestling in general, will tell you that never goes well.

And it didn’t this time either. As poor Allie is destroyed by the makes heel and subject to a beating and multiple piledrivers, in this her first piledriver match.

I guess there is always next time.  But fans of sexy jobbers might find this time the charm.


 Women Defeated - Allie Parker






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Hollywood In Heroine Combat Action

Women Defeated - HollywoodHollywood has released 2 new Superheroine video over at her website, Hollywould Productions.

The videos, titled “Slave Wonder Womyn – Escape is Impossible” and “Slave Wonder Womyn – Evil Wonder Womyn Arises” tell the story of Hollywood’s superheroine alter ego sold as a slave and subject to humiliation and multiple beatdowns.

Hollywood will forever be one of my favorites, hence why she made #2 on my top mixed wrestling woman jobbers list. Partially because I still remember watching her on GLOW so many years ago and mostly because she is talented, sells well and plays a jobber or damsel in distress role perfectly.

And if the sample clips below are any indication she has not lost her touch.




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Diana Knight Dominated By Darrius

Hit The Mat is at it again with another maledom video starring Diana Knight in topless fighting action. With the company seemingly taking a break from the norm with this video.

Darrius plays a pimp type of character and takes it hard to Diana Knight. Who normally doesn’t play the jobber role in matches but as the sample clip below shows, she plays it very well here.

Hit The Mat promises belly punching, breast punching, cunt busting and some painful wrestling holds in this video. As well as plenty of humiliating trash talk. Looks like Diana crossed the wrong person this time.

Women Defeated - Diana Knight




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Video Review – “Master Ward Dominates Annabelle”

“Master Ward Dominates Annabel” is the latest mixed wrestling video from Fetish Adventures. It stars two newcomers to Fetish Adventures, fetish model Annabelle Genovisi and Master Ward.

Either way Annabelle is a delight. The girl is georgous, has a great body, sells well and looks good being dominated. Based on my quick search on the web she has had limited wrestling experience in videos, but is definitely a natural jobber. And Master Ward for his part plays the dirty heel to perfection as he taunts and bullies poor Annabelle.

The story for this video is a bit different from many as it starts out with the two in what seems like a friendly match as Annabelle is all smiles and giggling. But it quickly turns more brutal as Master Ward decides he likes tormenting Annabelle and she goes from some friend fun into a painful series of submissions and knockouts.

It is a different take than most, and the beginning might turn off some who prefer the competitors playing it more seriously, but hang in and it turns more typical maledom as the video goes on.

There is nudity in this as Master Ward eventually decides to remove poor Annabelle’s top. Not a bad thing, be any means as any fans of Annabelle will attest. But some who prefer the wrestling remain clothed should be warned. Although it is nothing new for fetish adventures so shouldn’t come as a surprise for most.

The video is well done with great lighting and sound, and with the camera capturing all the action in the right places. I have been critical in the past of some picture issues with Fetish Adventures earlier videos, but they seem to have worked out all of the bugs at this point.

“Master Ward Dominates Annabel” has a running time of 13:33 with a price of $13.99.

Women Defeated - Annabelle Genovisi Women Defeated - Annabelle Genovisi Women Defeated - Annabelle Genovisi Women Defeated - Annabelle Genovisi Women Defeated - Annabelle Genovisi Women Defeated - Annabelle Genovisi





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Sadie Holmes Has A Rematch With The Puma.

Double Trouble has recently released the latest mix match to feature The Puma once more destroying one of their beautiful and talented wrestlers. This time it’s Sadie Holmes turn… again.

Sadie has been working out and is in better shape than ever and wants a re-match with The Puma. I will give it to her, she is not lacking in confidence, or guts. And it looks like her hard work has paid off as she does initially have control against their resident lady killer.

Unfortunately for Sadie… it doesn’t seem to last long enough. And The Puma’s vengeance will likely not be pretty. At least not for her.

Women Defeated - Sadie Holmes



To see my post about Sadie Holmes first match with The Puma CLICK HERE.

To see more mixed wrestling matches from Double Trouble CLICK HERE.


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Video Review – “Reggie Dominates Summer” By Fetish Adventures

“Reggie Dominates Summer” from Fetish Adventures features their resident heel Reggie taking on, and taking it too, athletic blonde cutie Summer.

Picking up right after Reggie recovers from an earlier defeat by Summer and dished out his revenge. Stretching out her fit body, putting her in multiple submission holds, and delivering multiple piledrivers to his overwhelmed opponent.

This was a solid match with a very beautiful girl in the jobber role. One with a very nice body to boot. Summer’s selling could have been better, but she still looked great being streched and knocked out throughout the match. Reggie to his credit was his usual great and taunting heel, tormenting poor Summer the entire match.

The picture was clear and filmed well with the camera where it needed to be to optimally capture the action during the match. Some of their earlier problems with lighing are pretty much gone now and no one should have any complaints with the picture quality.

All in all another solid addition to Fetish Adventures growing line of maledom videos. And anyone who likes seeing cute fit girls dominated should definitely check this video out. It isn’t long, but what they have is great.

The video has a run time of 9:25 and a price of $9.99.

Women Defeated - Summer Women Defeated - Summer Women Defeated - Summer Women Defeated - Summer Women Defeated - Summer Women Defeated - Summer



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SoCal Val Defeated At Ring Divas

Here is an oldie but a goodie I came across from Ring Divas starring former TNA Knockout, the sexy SoCal Val.

Both feature her taking on male performer Jagged. Once in the Ring Divas wrestling ring and the other time in a backstage brawl reminiscent of the kind WWE used to have so frequently.

In “Backstage Brawls Vlo. 2″ Jagged seems to have been turned down for a date by Socal. And as is often the cast in videos features on this blog, he doesn’t take it well… at all.

And proceeds to make SoCal pay with a brutal backstage beating and one sided domination.

Women Defeated - SoCal Val



SoCal is actually also a regular of the “Backstage Brawls” series having appareared in all but one of the seven installments. The links for them are below for anyone interested.

Backstage Brawls Vol.1 (Empress Sayuri vs. SoCal Val)
Backstage Brawls Vol.3 (Brooke vs. Empress Sayuri)
Backstage Brawls Vol.4 (Tracy Brooks vs. SoCal Val) Barefoot ED.
Backstage Brawls Vol.5 (Jessicka Havoc vs. SoCal Val) Barefoot
Backstage Brawls Vol.6 (Sam Sexton & Amber Van Buren vs. SoCal Val)
Backstage Brawls Vol.7 (Alexa Lockhart vs. SoCal Val)


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Video Review: “Brawny Brutal Lads And Little Lasses”

“Brawny Brutal Lads and Little Lasses” from Ring Goddess is very much what it says it is. A match with two huge male wrestlers played by Ryan Reeves and Turk Selik taking on their much smaller, and much cuter, foes Tracy Taylor and Amanda Ruffin.

This is a one sided squash to it’s fullest, as Tracy and Amanda barring some VERY brief offence spend the match getting pounded and streched out by their opponents. Very similar to when these same 2 guys took on Helena Heavenly and Josie in a similar premise which I also reviewed.

All 4 performers were great. The girls did a great job playing intimidated and overwhelmed faces, and sold excellently. And Amanda especially was her usual fun goofy self. Turn and Reeves for their part played the merciless bullies to perfection.

The wrestling was solid as all 4 are full on trained pro-wrestlers. Which showed in the action which complete with a referee gave it a very WWE or TNA feel. Minus the large crowd of course. (And yes, I use “large crowd” generously when mentioning TNA, but you all get my point.)

The video wasn’t without some very minor flaws. The most notable is the picture quality. While not bad, the lighting wasn’t great. You could see the action well, and it was filmed great as far as the camera always being where it needed to to get the action. But it did give the video a slightly grainy look. It didn’t take away from the enjoyment at all, at least for me, these things aren’t made by Hollywood and so no one should expect that level of production values. But some used to the more crisp and clear look of some matches filmed in a studio these days will see the difference.

The only other flaw with this is the ring noise. Specifically like all wrestling rings, every move everyone makes makes a loud noise, causing plenty of banging from the ring mat someone falls or even really runs on it. This isn’t their fault, anything filmed in a wrestling ring is going to cause that problem. The Rings are designed to make a lot of noise like that. So it isn’t really a negative, but was worth mentioning.

All in all this is a great video for anyone wanting true pro-style wrestling in a ring for their mixed wrestling videos. Good wrestling, good performance, and 2 cute and convincing jobbers, makes for a fun and entertaining video.

The video has a run time of 16:26 and a price of $16.

Women Defeated - Tracy Taylor and Amanda Ruffen Women Defeated - Tracy Taylor and Amanda Ruffen Women Defeated - Tracy Taylor and Amanda Ruffen Women Defeated - Tracy Taylor and Amanda RuffenWomen Defeated - Tracy Taylor and Amanda RuffenWomen Defeated - Tracy Taylor and Amanda Ruffen




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Diablo Dominates VeVe Lane

VeVe Lane is not a wrestler who loses often, to men or women and especially to men. Which means seeing her lose is even more of a treat. Something about a normally dominant wrestler losing just makes it better.

One male opponent who seems to have VeVe’s number, at least some of the time is the buff Diablo. Now don’t get me wrong Diablo has lost to Veve more than once, but he also has the distinction of holding multiple wins on her at Doom Maidens.

The first one worth mentioning, when gets mentioned first mostly because I located a sample clip from it. Is appropriately enough called “Dioblo Dominates” and features VeVe clad in spandex taking on Diablo. And it should be noted for someone who is not written to lose very often, VeVe makes an excellent jobber.



Other matches worth note that feature Diablo taking on VeVe Lane are “Shiny Mixed Pro-Style”. It features VeVe dominated in a one sided match against Diablo. With a claim that the video is filmed to emphasize VeVe’s pain. With a ton of pro-wrestling holds applied.

Women Defeated - VeVe Lane



And then there is “Panthose Pro-Style” which features VeVe clad in panyhose (as you might have guessed) taking on Diablo in a one sided squash match. And to be clear, Diablo is not the one getting squashed.

Women Defeated - VeVe Lane



Some other chances to see Diablo at his best over at Doom Maidens are listed below as well.

“Bondage Rvenge” which features Diablo tying up Indra while wrestling her.
“Diablo vs Lela Beryl” featuring Diablo taking on Lela Beryl in another “bondage match.
“Diablo Dominates Minxy Li” featuring Diablo taking on Miny Li and also covered on the blog.
“VeVe vs Ben AND Diablo” a 2 on 1 match also covered on this blog.

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